Global National: March 14, 2020 | New cases surface in Canada; Trump travel ban expands

Global National: March 14, 2020 | New cases surface in Canada; Trump travel ban expands

New cases of COVID-19 have surfaced in Canada, with Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador reporting their first positive cases and Saskatchewan confirming its first two cases. Ontario reported 22 new cases on Saturday as well, with Quebec’s total rising to 24 after seven cases were confirmed.

Abigail Bimman reports on the new developments with Canadian travelers being urged to come home as soon as they can. Plus, Mike Armstrong looks at new risks that Canada’s already vulnerable homeless population faces amid the growing outbreak.

In the U.S., Jennifer Johnson takes a look at how the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing lawmakers to come up with strategies to help Americans, with an emergency bill passed early Saturday to help with free testing and paid sick leave. Robin Gill also takes a look at Apple’s decision to close all of its stores outside China in an effort to limit the virus’ spread.

Multiple countries around the world are now taking immediate countermeasures in an effort to contain and mitigate the spread. Redmond Shannon reports on the increasingly dire situation in Europe, now seen as the epicentre of the outbreak, as Spain prepares a 15-day national lockdown. Plus, Robin Gill provides new updates on the pandemic’s impact across the globe, including Japan and Iran.

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94 Responses

  1. F Jay says:

    Why aren’t we temporarily restricting travel from Europe like so many other countries?

    • Paulie’s Walnutz says:

      Drea D I thought it was a joke but the resemblance is striking. Look up a pic of a young clean shaven Castro, JT looks a helluva lot more like him than PET.

    • SeaJay Oceans says:

      you have to let in more refugees … millions more coming from Syria – EU must absorb all of them and give them homes and cars and health care.
      All countries have to take in millions of refugees from the Middle East, and give them everything they need. This is what the leaders say to do.

    • MrBrational says:

      Because we’re in Justin’s sandbox apparently, and he dictates the rules.

    • Luke Triton says:

      The Art of GNAR his step dad was a loon, he gave half of Canada the finger.

    • The Art of GNAR says:

      @Paulie’s Walnutz resemblance? Spitting image.

  2. Ranger Danger says:

    They need to close casinos. Don’t be greedy, do the right thing!

    So many elder gambling addicts go there. They need to be shut down.

    There’s NO WAY they are cleaning all of those machines or sanitizing the place.

    Staff aren’t allowed to wear gloves or masks and are told they need to go to work or risk their job. This is sickening!!!

    • Ontario Prepper says:

      shirley A-z my apologies I’m illiterate and grew up on the streets. I tried though 🤪🤪

    • Ontario Prepper says:

      shirley A-z that’s what happens when you get an entitled drama teacher who hasn’t had to do anything for his self is whole life. But hey all politicians are scum..

    • Ontario Prepper says:

      C L the last think you want to do is have crack fiends running around freaking out because they can’t get their fix 😂😂

    • new new says:

      It’s hard to believe how irresponsible some people are.

    • Ontario Prepper says:

      new new some people just think they know everything. It’s best to keep an open mind! It really is sad though that the government is allowing these thief’s to take advantage of the elders like this. Even in general when there is no virus.

  3. Adrian says:

    I thought Canada said that they were very well prepared for this because of SARS… could have sworn I heard that…

    • Ontario Prepper says:

      KWM go check out CNN the state of the union. Dr. Anthony Fauci was just on and being interviewed. He was explaining the severity of the situation and the potential for what is to come.

    • KWM says:

      @Ontario Prepperit’s bad, isn’t it?

    • Ontario Prepper says:

      KWM worse case scenario millions dead, best case tens of thousands. I’m just about to upload a video regarding his video come check it out in a few minutes.

    • KWM says:

      @Ontario Prepper okie

    • Scott George says:

      @Amanat Gill If China hadn’t learned something from SARS millions more would be dead today! During SARS many cities were completely closed, schools, universities and all gatherings were also banned; social isolation was also encouraged. China is vast compared to 36.2 million in Canada, which should make being safe far easier for Canada.

  4. ytismylife says:

    This guy decided to put his family at risk because it was his birthday?

  5. ytismylife says:

    The fact that our borders are still open is negligence on the part of the government. We have seen what it does to other countries, and it will happen here.

    • Daniel Rodas says:

      In my country El Salvador our president closed borders and we are not allowing ppl from other countries, some ppl think he is out of his mind but so far we don’t have a single case.

      Hope the best for Canada 🙏

    • Aj Gimach says:

      @Daniel Rodas He did the correct thing though!

    • aguadelparaiso says:

      What Trudeau would ro if Harry and Megan get infected in BC?

    • Nikkie Legos says:

      It wouldn’t do any good at this point anyway. Now that it’s there it’ll spread like wild fire. The whole world is infected at this point. Stay home if possible.

    • cj anon says:

      @Nikkie Legos you still need to stop bringing in infected people if you ever want to get a handle on this, we could someday be free of this if we try

  6. James Clark says:


    • Tina Honey says:

      @Nikkie Legos exactly!!! I’m American

    • ANGEL M says:

      @AmbientVibes No it isnt but time is running out

    • Tara Wright says:

      Closing the borders will accomplish little more than setting our already shattered economy back a little bit further.
      There are times in this life when we have to sit back and put our trust in the people with vastly more expertise and experience. Those who have spent lifetimes preparing for just this type of situation. This is, beyond a doubt, one of those times.
      Those people have spent decades working out the best course of action to take in situations like this. They calculated all of that using science, psychology, mathematics etc. that are, quite frankly, miles over most of our heads.
      Just because you can’t personally understand why certain actions are being taken at this difficult time, doesn’t mean those actions are wrong.
      I’m not sure what you think doctors, scientists and other highly educated people do during their countless years of advanced education and training, but, surely you don’t honestly believe you can learn more from the blogs, videos and biased news stories you may have partially digested over the past few weeks than the combined knowledge of many of the most highly educated and experienced experts on the planet.
      What this world needs right now is a massive dose of humility.
      Honestly people, for once in your lives just do as you are told by those who truly know what they are talking about. This situation is difficult enough without a bunch of completely unqualified people trying to run the show.
      Even Trump has finally figured out he is in way over his head right now and has begun to accept advice from the true experts.
      You can’t begin to imagine the possible effect this pandemic could possibly have on all our futures. The vast majority of us will survive this physically. We will all undoubtedly lose people dear to us before this is all over, but he true, long term danger posed by this virus is to our financial and societal health.
      This isn’t a game folks!

    • king james488 says:

      too late.

    • Adamantium Scorpion says:

      @KUSH Too late now.

  7. Walter Melon says:

    And everybody sitting in the Yukon just chillin

  8. JOEL WALKER says:

    Get ready for Trump to close the border with Canada when our cases explode because our leaders consider it racist to impede anyone from one of the hot zones from entering and heaven forbid if we should test anyone and not rely on their honesty to divulge all relevant information as to their travels or health.

  9. Tom Haggerty says:

    Canada doesn’t discriminate against any plagues. Bring one, bring all, Canada’s borders are open for business.

  10. Keisha Anderosov-Hamilton says:

    I’d be very curious to know what percent of Canadians want the borders closed. Seems like most people do, I wish we could vote on it 😓

    • Adrian says:

      Yeah lol its ridiculous 95% of Canadians want to limit how many people enter/leave the country but a handful of people dont want to for political and economic reasons I guess

    • Delores M says:

      Most Canadians voted that prick in, so suffer for it.

    • Chris Smith says:

      @Adrian Virtue signaling idiots who care more about their fake projected image than reality.

    • Colleen Jones says:

      The borders will be closed. The question is when. In my opinion, they should have been closed weeks ago for prevention as opposed to reaction.

    • silverfox1234 says:

      With the doubling rate being 6 days. By beginning of April we will above 1000 infected people. At that point US will ban travel to Canada.

  11. incipidsigninsetup says:

    You can’t focus on clusters without broad testing.

    • Petronius Arbiter says:

      This is never going to be bad. It’s just fake crap show typical news.

    • hamachikama says:

      truth is… we already passed the cluster stage and are in the community spread stage… few weeks ago, Socal and Norcal had 2 of non china related cases and they were not able to contact trace. That is a sign of community spread yet we never made that announcement.

    • Teardown Dan says:

      Another problem with limiting testing to higher probability and severity infections based on symptoms is that it skips the ~80% of the population that may catch it but only have mild or no symptoms from covid-19, which could make available statistics heavily skewed for the worst by only representing the 20% high-risk part of the population.

  12. Alice Hu says:

    By not testing, BC’s COVID-19 number will remain low and therefore, the risk is low! What a joke!

    • dbergerac says:

      @Joonko Blu The test is not for the treatment of the patient or their peace of mind. The test is for epidemiological tracking and estimating where resources need to be sent. Treatment is for symptoms as they occur and the COVID-19 test would be irrelevant for determining a course of treatment. Testing is VERY important to locate outbreaks and address them. Testing saves lives.

    • Brian Thomas says:

      They want this to blow up and become something. How can you deny testing ???

    • Adamantium Scorpion says:

      Ahhhhhh, BC. (That’s a good idea.)

    • May gg says:

      Michael Bobkov lie to them that you can’t breathe

    • shirley A-z says:

      @Brian Thomas they need to conserve the tests for use tracking outbreaks as explained by the health minister. People being upset that they can’t get the test when they don’t need it should stop and think about why they want the test. Are they thinking that if they don’t have COVID-19 and just the flu that they will be able to go about their business, infecting people with the flu? If Everyone followed good protocol and stayed home when sick to begin with we would not have a COVID-19 outbreak that is so severe. Unfortunately as we can see from this comment section most people just want to be tested so they know whether or not they are required to self-isolate. Is it that hard to just stay home when you are sick? I know some people can’t afford to, but they are just spreading sickness to other people who can’t afford to get sick either. What we need is a minimum number of federally mandated sick days, so even minimum wage workers can take time off with pay if they are sick with any kind of flu.

  13. Lucky Charms says:

    I cut my nails short. Other woman might give it thought also. Not easy keeping nails clean when they are long.

  14. a v says:

    People can come to Canada freely with little or no check out, and people want to go to united states now, they will come to Canada first then to US because of US travel bans, Canada is becoming a filtering and travel through country. Please follow United states policies for travel suspensions!

    • Alexander says:

      I don’t see why governments wouldn’t be able to track where people have gone via their passports

  15. Cory Jenkins says:

    Why they say no one was expecting this. It was just after Christmas when I started to hear about this and had started buying supplies in small amounts and I remember even then masks were almost completely out of stock.

    • king james488 says:

      everyone expected this…

    • Mark Andrew says:

      They dont care about the people ..

    • LegOver Lass says:

      Rolando Mota I’m praying this vaccine isn’t compulsory as I’ll be choosing prison over the vaccine (and then it’ll be forced in prison anyway) I lost my life 22 years ago due to a vaccine and been bedridden 80% of the time since then.

      Not a chance in hell i’m willingly having another vax. The last one nearly killed me

    • johnpadvaiskas says:

      So true make shure you wash your shoes don’t track the virus into your house stay safe.

    • Heather Stewart says:

      Right, back when we were being told what “low risk” it was to anyone outside of China. All we get is lies. lies, lies. :/

  16. Ali El-hajj says:

    The irony in all this : if the roles were reversed and we had more cases than the US, they would close their borders in a heartbeat 😂😂

    • John T says:

      @hamachikama Trump didn’t reject any test kits. The WHO never provided ANY test kits. They only provided a set of guidelines to follow in the production of test kits. The CDC for whatever reason decided to implement their own guidelines in the production of test kits and they came up with tests that were more complicated and delivered inaccurate results. Trump had NOTHING to do with it.

    • hamachikama says:

      @John T yes, the guy that can fire a whole cdc department at anytime has nothing to do with it. Of course… our president doesnt need to do anything but go play golf in west palm beach. It was an administrative choice. His team chose to have a testkit that can confirm other similar coronaviruses to sars cov 2 as well. Obviously failed…

    • John T says:

      @hamachikama You claimed the president “rejected the WHO’s original test kit” when the WHO NEVER provided any test kits. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. You have zero evidence that the president personally dictated and micromanaged what kind of test kits the CDC should use in testing for COVID-19. All you have is baseless conjecture. Cite a source to backup your claims.

    • daniel armstrong says:

      Yes we would because that’s what normal people do……Iran in contrast tried to act cool about it…..shame, not working well for them. Satellite pics show mass graves there. This so China could try to get back at US for trade sanctions…..they don’t like it when their victim gets to rebellious.

    • Travis Curran says:

      Nikkie Legos few weeks will be a little to late LMFAO

  17. April Bradley says:

    Limit tests and testing? Did you learn nothing from Italy and US? Be like South Korea. Test the masses. Isolate. Practice social distancing. Stay home!

    • sue canada says:

      Yes come on Government of Canada consult with SOUTH KOREA, they are SO ADVANCED IN ALL WAYS WE ARE IN THE DARK AGES and CLOSE OUR BORDERS NOW !!!

  18. Cindy B says:

    The WHO recommends aggressive testing but sadly that is not happening in Canada.

    • Jef Schobert says:

      Country roads, John Denver.

      Almost covered, entire planet
      Corona Fever Virus
      Killing loved ones

      Strikes the old there
      A few under three
      Youngsters can fight the virus
      Take grandpa out with a sneeze

      Quarantine Roads, stuck at home
      In my place with my belongings
      Entire planet, oh me oh mama
      Stuck at home, quarantine roads

      Photos of memories
      Scrolling past me
      Random babies, strangers playing in water
      Parks at sunset, eating birthday pie
      Drinking root beer moonshine
      Tears welling up oh goodbye

      Quarantine Roads, stuck at home
      In my place with my belongings
      Entire planet, oh me oh mama
      Stuck at home, quarantine roads

      We hear the official voice
      No school till may mornin’ they tell me
      Radio reinforces commands me
      Saying stay far away
      Another check point down the road
      My mind reelin’
      That I should have stayed home
      Yesterday, tommorow and today

      Quarantine Roads, stuck at home
      In my place with my belongings
      Entire planet, oh me oh mama
      Stuck at home, quarantine roads

      Quarantine Roads, stuck at home
      In my place with my belongings
      Entire planet, oh me oh mama
      Stuck at home, quarantine roads
      Stuck at home, quarantine roads
      Stuck at home, quarantine roads

  19. Mak says:

    “who really need the test”, to how quickly it could escalate to what happened in Italy. We need to stay at home and the government needs to shut borders to control this before its out of our hands.

    • F C says:

      You can not compare with italy, they have one of the largest populations of old people in the world and the work / family / social dynamic is different. Canada has no choice but to ration the tests at the moment.

      I also don’t agree with this super transparent reporting of death , it skews the impression of how many people get the disease and survive it without incident, which is over double the number of deaths.

    • Mak says:

      @F C Awareness and control is in our hands. Aging population or not. You could have asymptomatic population of any age, and infect others. Im no subject matter expert, but it’s common sense at this point to care for everyone, isolate and the support our health care system.

  20. Ana Carlos says:

    Since this thing started I really don’t hear any news talking about the homeless people. How will they protecte themselves? Thank you to those who are doing something about it. God bless you

    • CJK CJK says:

      Basically, they will get the virus and most likely will die. This is not a virus that people can just volunteer to take care of them. There is not even enough health care professionals to take care of people in general, whether homeless or not.

    • Jodie Benevy says:

      This virus was designed to cull the weak members of the herd

    • Jodie Benevy says:

      That being said it’s almost a challenge to us Christians from God isn’t it to take care of the people who are being ignored in this situation and yes it doesn’t even have to go down there and put our hands on them although I believe we would be protected if we did the maybe we can mobilize stronger younger people to do it and we can fund it

    • shirley A-z says:

      the disease doesnt’ spread outdoors, they are probably safer than the rest of us.


      Much love from AUSTRALIA
      Get well canada

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