Today we’re finding out what happens when you mix slime with glow stick fluid!

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37 Responses

  1. Nagi Obad says:

    I subbskryb and gave me the glaxy

  2. Bruno Lorenz says:

    Please put an aerosol can in a vacuum chamber

  3. Nizar Ayach says:

    “Its turning to a very milky white”…. THATS WHAT SHE SAID

  4. teflon flex says:

    You guys should collaborate with Rekt

  5. Alexander Stoete says:

    the scavenger HUNT!
    is not working

  6. Cookier says:

    The galaxy s9+ scavenger hunt doesn’t work

  7. Adhie Oman says:

    hahahahahhahahahahahhaha i wach your video 5 years ago

  8. Adhie Oman says:

    and im 9

  9. Craziness Crater says:

    You are awesome

  10. Crafted IN says:

    Bore axe

  11. Anshu Prakash says:

    Put this slime in liquid nitrogen

  12. Yothik 1563 says:

    Can you mix the glowing fluid with cornstarch to make glowing ooblek

  13. Adicii Build's says:

    All together looks like lava

  14. Kjell Bjorge says:

    Will that glow stick stuff work with corn starch as well ? Cause that would kinda be cool looking leaving a glowing foot print.

  15. LSOGGY28 says:

    Would you please put silly putty or thinking putty in a vacuum chamber? Like if you agree!

  16. RandomFlatShowsvideos says:

    I like the juggle!:)

  17. Shae Sabourin says:

    See what happens when u put glowing slime and Milton salt together or glowing slime in the vacuume chamber

  18. Enam Uddin says:

    Did any one else think the Blue Slime reminded them of Fortnite?

  19. Fernando Soto says:

    Fernando Soto

  20. SheepLion Productions says:

    I miss grant’s random weekend projects…

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