Goat breaks into Argonics’ Colorado office

Goat breaks into Argonics’ Colorado office

Our employees arrived at work on Monday, July 17 to find the doors smashed but nothing taken, and security camera footage showed some surprising vandals.

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20 Responses

  1. Adam Weber says:

    Sheep go to heaven. Goats go to hell!

  2. Travis Travis says:

    Goats are the stupidest horses.

  3. HumanCrakkInThaFlesh says:

    Reddit brought me here.

  4. Char M says:

    he probably saw his reflection in the glass, thought it was another goat, got intimidated and enraged, and tried to fight it.

  5. Rodrigo Ornelas says:

    I think the goat looks at its reflection in the glass

  6. Benedict T. says:

    Kids these days have no respect for property!

  7. Thataway Gaming says:

    That mother fucker had a vendetta against someone there

  8. Poo_Cake says:

    i love how you can see the rest of his goat gang in the background

  9. cl m says:

    Kevin, ya cunt.

  10. Tan Beef says:

    mustve been a former employee who came back as a goat when he died to get revenge on his workplace

  11. Dridor says:

    The goat’s reflection in the glass wasn’t backing down. Unluckily for his reflection this goat doesn’t fuck around.

  12. Dawai Gocha says:

    Clearly drunk.

  13. Justin Hodge says:

    That goat completely shattered the other goat!

  14. NotTheBestGaming says:

    why did that dog just break the window?

  15. xjuicey J says:

    What an asshole comes back to break the other one

  16. D. D. says:

    Umm goat simulator reality beta 1.0?

  17. CAP says:

    Ummm he didn’t break in retards. He just broke the glass

  18. Kerwin Belcina says:

    Never tell your girlfriends where you work…

  19. Scotty Dycus says:

    They obviously don’t break in..

  20. Anya Shah says:

    My god this is hilarious and adorable

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