GOAT!!! What Really Happened (Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane)

GOAT!!! What Really Happened (Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane)

Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane was a one-sided fight where Jones showed grappling prowess that Gane was not ready for. How did Jones set up the guillotine?

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47 Responses

  1. TheWeasle says:

    No eye pokes too

  2. Lil Rewb says:

    I’m about to graduate college and this guy was champ when I was in 5th grade. The fact that he’s still at the top of the sport, after 12 years is insane.

  3. TJ West says:

    That image of Cyril looking at Jon in absolute shock is going to be legendary
    Also Jon on the cage after looked like he still wanted to throw hands

  4. Jack HandMa says:

    This is just unbelievable. 3 years out of the ring and fighting in a weight class he hasn’t fought before. I didn’t like Jones as a person, but man, this guy is waaaay too talented.

    • Sunday Aito says:

      @David Hernandez if losing doesn’t make you the GOAT then GSP isn’t in the conversation of the GOAT because he lost too.

    • David Hernandez says:

      Fight IQ is a real thing, and so far the fighters with the highest fight IQs I’ve ever witnessed are GSP and Jon Jones. Anderson Silva would be up there too, but his cockiness and overconfidence costed him some losses.

    • Indigator Veritatis says:

      @YouHaveAyds Yeah, because his run was so short, I think he gets less relevant as the years go by. JJ won’t, GSP won’t. Their faces will be carved … and it’s going to take a special fighter to join them. What those two did is undeniable

    • YouHaveAyds says:

      @Fake Man spider  khabib is the most dominant champion but not the goat due to how little competition he had, he is a great fighter but I don’t even think he makes it on the mma mount rushmore

    • Fake Man spider says:

      @Jordan Dennis I know bro but people still think he is

  5. J M says:

    I think Cyril was defeated before the fight as you suggested. I saw an interview with Megan and she questioned him about his wrestling against Francis and how he expected to deal with Jones based on that. It was almost like she was suggesting he would lose, and he didn’t seem convinced of his own answer.

    • Asbjørn Nielsen says:

      He needs a new and better team who can help him improve his overall game and get him into a better training rhythm. I’m not saying he would’ve won the fight had he actually prepared properly, but there’s no way it would’ve been as onesided as it was.

  6. iinorK says:

    If Gane can pull himself together, this loss is actually good for him. Experiencing this level of gap might motivate him to start training with more ground game. Like Khabib struggled against Gleison Tibau and Francis loss to Stipe, they learned from the mistakes and just came back a different monster.

    • LoneWolfJay says:

      ​@Ivan my dude volk got takend down 4 times and Islam didnt spam the takedowns since it was mostly a standing up fight. Volk is strong but it isnt as u say. Gane went down once and it was a wrap…

    • Kevo says:

      He’s a glorified Derrick Lewis

    • Asbjørn Nielsen says:

      He should’ve made big improvements after the Francis fight, and it almost looked like his wrestling/grappling got worse vs Jones. There’s some bigger issues at hand for him that really needs to chance first.

    • rippindrummer666 says:

      @iinork7474 gane has some skills but his buildup to the Francis fight were all fighters whose styles played right into his style…rozenstruik, jds, volkov, Lewis, tai all have no grappling. The only guys who stand a chance against Jon are blaydes and maybe aspinall(if his knee is okay and gets a couple more wins).

    • Ivan says:

      @Jofla yeah. That’s why I hate when Gane or McGregor only train at their gym with amateurs. They need to train with guys that are bigger and better than them at a specific skill set.

  7. Let's Hear It says:

    What’s crazy is that almost everyone Jon has fought is surprised at how good he really is.

  8. Arifin Rohan says:

    Jon Jones is the final boss that adapts to your style and beats you no matter how well you play.

    • idiotwithajob says:

      ​@Nana Nyantakyi if you watch Reyes fights after John jones. That actually is his style.



    • Andres Soto says:

      Yup. I only see Ultra Instinct Ngannou with some Ido Portal coaching (Mcgregor’s touch butt in the park coach) perhaps squeezing a draw like once in a thousand fights. The other 999x goes to bones.

    • Dario Artmagic says:

      @TruthOverLies gane was the nr 1 contender in the rankings so it was ok that he is next….jones talks bad about every oponnent before he fights them nothing new….watch his resume and think twice if he was picking anything nobody has more3 hall of famer on his resume than him

    • harvey brown says:

      Jason in the old nes game. Couldnt kill him 🤣

  9. Jesse Brickley says:

    I said to my brothers during the fight, I had thought gane looked like he was feeling the moment and feeling the immense pressure and environment of being in front of someone like Jon Jones

    • Uh Ok says:

      @woven 040 the dude has like 0 experience compared to Jon.

    • Sci_ent_ifiC Sui_neG says:

      @Satoshi Nakamoto Only Jones has outstanding ground game at heavyweight … they all focus mostly on landing big shots. Skill wise light heavy is full of talent, heavyweight just isn’t … until now.

    • Sci_ent_ifiC Sui_neG says:

      @Fxyroz Qadir No he isn’t, Jones is just a level above.

    • Sci_ent_ifiC Sui_neG says:

      @Onyen Bew There’s literally no point. Gane certainly won’t want it.

  10. Andrew Heng says:

    I think first exchange in the fight was very telling, Jones comes in very unafraid and showing he is comfortable with a kick at the back of Gane’s knees right off the bat. Gane reciprocates but mostly because he was triggered by the first kick by Jon but lands the kick on his junk. There’s no worst feeling like being led on by someone else and making a mistake, the time it took Jon to recover from the crotch kick was probably weighing on Ciryl.

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