Gogeta VS Vegito (Dragon Ball) | DEATH BATTLE!

Gogeta VS Vegito (Dragon Ball) | DEATH BATTLE!

The fusions of Goku and Vegeta face off!
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43 Responses

  1. E Evv says:

    Fun Fact: No matter who wins, Goku and Vegeta won either way.

  2. Real Talk says:

    One of the most beautiful endings to a death battle ever!

  3. rtyuik7 says:

    i guess this video needed a bit more of a ‘serious Goku’ so MasakoX didnt voice him in this…but im glad that Vegeta was still Lanipator 🙂

  4. Blackchibisan says:

    This is the first time in death battle history where I don’t have a read on who wins because my love for both characters is so far past hype that I am just accepting of anything.

  5. Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

    People have been asking for Bill Cipher vs Discord for over 10 years, this is going to be SO AWESOME!!!

  6. PerryTP_AMC says:

    Probably one of the most unpredictable death battles knowing they’re pretty much the same person

    • Vytautas Jansonas says:

      @Lance Kemal rivalry is a personality trait and fusion doesn’t change their personality just combines them sorry bud but it’s common sense XD

    • Lance Kemal says:

      @Vytautas Jansonas Again you have no proof Gogeta or any other fusion dance gains that additional rivalry boost so your statement is invalid. Every single thing I’ve said is based on info from the manga and show and you can’t list a single decent reason Gogeta is more powerful aside from the fact you like him more.

    • Vytautas Jansonas says:

      @Lance Kemal the fusion doesn’t change the ppl that fused so if they gain a boost through rivalry that’s their personal trait not caused by the fusion so no vegito wouldn’t have it over gogeta

    • Lance Kemal says:

      @Vytautas Jansonas I don’t think you know understand what cotradicts means. Gogeta can go full power. He’s still way weaker than Vegito so what point are you trying to make? Goku is more powerful than Vegeta and thats a fact not an opinion so Gogeta’s base form can never be equal to Vegito’s.

    • Lance Kemal says:

      @Vytautas Jansonas Oh and one thing i forgot to mention as well. Vegito has another buff stacking alongside his potara fusion. Goku’s and Vegeta’s intense rivalry actually makes them stronger than a regular potara fusion should be. This buff is not stated for Gogeta or Gotenks so not confirmed. Yet another thing Vegito has over Gogeta to add to the list.

  7. MrDantevergil90 says:

    ngl as a vegito fan i accepted the fate where gogeta is the stronger fusion, i actually thought he would win this fight, but damn im so happy.

    • Mare Car says:

      @MrDantevergil90 no, it has nothing to do with time limit, potara fusion is simply stronger. In fusion dance, both characters need to be at the same level of power. Potara doesn’t have that limitation. So let’s say Goku is 4 and Vegeta is 3, in fusion dance they are 3×3=9, while with potara it’s 4×3=12.

    • ObjectKame says:

      What do you mean he did win

    • M4 G3 says:

      @CameronBallZ this is not a canon fight. These are not specific iterations of the actual goku and vegeta. These are facade versions so you can’t make assumptions like those. “We can only go off” of what they told us

    • PKJay says:

      @Vergil Gogetas most iconic move is x100 Big bang Kamehameha. Its one of the reasons why people love gogeta so much. Hearing him scream x100!!! is extremely iconic to not only the movie but the games as well. also, the god big bang Kamehameha that gogeta uses would’ve been more fitting to face final Kamehameha anyway since that’s each fusions final move in SSB.

    • CameronBallZ says:

      @M4 G3 yes but remember that Goku and Vegeta would know about both fusions and their limitations. So it’s likely that Vegito could take advantage of Gogeta’s weakness more then vise versa, since it would make sense for Vegito to purposely stall the fight

  8. Oguzhan Gungor says:

    This was a really cool fight. Personally, I wanted a draw but again, who cares, the fight was great.

  9. Neko Hallowking says:

    I don’t even care who wins I adore them both it’s just gonna be an awesome fight, also who remembers this exact question from raging burst? (Or blast can’t recall)

  10. Captain Nobody says:

    To be fair about Vegito’s personality in the Buu Saga, I think he was only drawing out the fight so he could mull over a way to rescue his family.

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