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46 Responses

  1. Sarah Callow says:

    The amount of times she said the word lonely

  2. Meika Q says:

    How many times Emma days I’m lonely


  3. Harry Bailey says:

    Damn Emma really be getting those sponsorships!! Get that coin buddy ???

  4. Super Hlagah says:

    Emma: i want to book a room
    Hotel: ya sure
    Hotel man: book for her a room with 2 sinks
    Other man: she is just one
    Hotel man: ya she is lonely

    Ly emma

  5. Rikki says:

    0:18 why’d that strut remind me of James Charles 2017 runway walk? lol

  6. Infires man, Yeah! says:

    *Emma talks about being 18 all day and saying she’s not a baby anymore*
    Also Emma
    *im still very young to drink that*

  7. lauren b says:

    Evidence that you were here before 8 mil

  8. HATE LORD says:

    No one:

    Emma: *shakes cup of coffee*

    My brain: hErEs *tap tap* tHe mOtHeRfReAkInG *tap tap* TEA

  9. Can we get 69.000 subs without anywork ? says:

    Emma : stop’s moving *
    Others : honk
    Emma : ArE tHeY hOnKiNg At Me

  10. Debby Tam says:

    What we learned from this video:

    Dont go on a trip by yourself.

    • Shannon McCrary says:

      The most fun I have ever had was going on a trip by myself. This just seems like one of those things that people who need other people can’t handle.

  11. 1 23 says:

    Omg I just realized that I am bored enough to watch someone be bored ? loneliness in person
    You’re welcome

  12. babette leenhouts says:

    My sister told me: It’s been like 20 years ago that i was 7 years old.
    *She’s 13*

  13. 10,000 subscribers with two videos? says:

    Emma: being -weird- normal

    Random car: *Honk*

    Emma: I dIDn’T dO AnYThiNg ?

  14. brightgreenleaves iv says:

    This is how many people love and appreciate Emma:



  15. Jessica Maria says:

    Every like is a coffee that emma drank while 17

  16. Wolf Blazer says:

    Emma : im 18 im an adult
    Also Emma : whos honking at me? I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!

  17. is kejua says:

    Me *looking in the mirror*
    Emma: oh god!
    Me: exactly?

  18. Snazzy Kitten says:

    You know how Emma’s voice is always going through male puberty? Well I was doing some research and I found out that caffeine dries your voice out. Tea! Er, coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  19. Chica rebel says:

    *Hears honk 10 miles away*

    Emma: “Was that about me??”

  20. Charlie Gibbs says:

    “i sWEaR tO gOD iF tHey doNt aNSweR-”

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