Gol D Roger vs Whitebeard | One Piece

Gol D Roger vs Whitebeard | One Piece

Ep 965: Whitebeard saves Oden from Gol D Roger! Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll: http://got.cr/Watch-OP965

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96 Responses

  1. die brojos says:

    Not even touching but still destroying the island. They truly are Legendary Monster

    • Mr.Croissant says:

      @chuck eve According to some people who’ve went about scaling the OP world, East blue alone is 3x the size of our Oceans combined apparently which is funny because the East Blue is the smallest of the Seas in the World

    • Erik Nguyen says:

      @Mr.Croissant that’s only the strongest who’s continental. Luffy maybe country

    • badman eugene says:

      @Mr.Croissant the world is multiple suns in size. 1 scale is using alabasta. The lake in alabasta had a width of 50 kilometers . and calculating it with the total size of alabasta is around Africa’s size. And that’s one island

    • badman eugene says:

      @Mr.Croissant those are bad scales . alabasta alone is the size of Africa just by using thr statement nami gave when she said the lake was 50 kilometers in width.

    • Virtualaxx says:

      here come the dragon ball fans saying goku can destroy a whole planet

  2. Crunchyroll Collection says:

    Watch episode 965 here! got.cr/Watch-OP965

    • Hasan Serhat Gurler says:

      @Michele D’Agostino this scene reminded me the fight of old whitebeard vs shanks

    • uneedrambo says:


    • TicktockSommelier says:

      I’m 29, and I’m not far behind waiting for such glory.

    • Josué Guillen says:

      I am on chapter 380

    • Virginia Miranda says:

      @Escanor Esa Kawaki vs a villain on duty, with good animation. That’s all.
      Here we are seeing 2 of the most powerful characters of the One Piece Lore hitting the King’s Haki hard and both being at their best when they were young.
      The context is sometimes more impressive than the battle itself. It is a historic moment.

  3. REBORN says:

    Oden: they aren’t even touching
    Roger and Whitebeard: smiling, this is just how friends greet each other

    • Jonny Gibson says:

      nice pfp

    • LBboarding b says:

      Gives those Alexander Armstong and Sig Curtis vibes

    • Struggler says:

      @Predated O Cancer still hurts and distracts you bro.

    • Augusto Sanjuan says:

      I think that Whitebeard deserves more merit, since unlike Roger he was not a D and he grew up in the lawless areas of the grand line, with quite high infant mortality and maintained his title of strongest for thirty years even against the younger generation (Shanks, Mihawk, Doflamingo) while being sick.

    • Ruthieal says:

      @Augusto Sanjuan I agree. He is well respected amongst the One Piece characters and the fanbase for a reason.

  4. Xaloty says:

    this was amazing

  5. foxomar says:

    He looks so much like ace 😣

  6. JC Eruiz says:

    Absolutely nobody…

    Roger and whitebeard proceed to destroy an island as a friendly “hello”

  7. Dastroid says:

    Whitebeard’s and Roger’s Greatest power is keeping their coats on their shoulders

  8. Wxnted Lahut says:

    “I smell a beast“

    Famous last words.

  9. Adrian Snead says:

    Imagine not watching OnePiece since Dressrosa then this pop up on yo feed…

  10. Tanor Ndaw says:

    imagine seeing a 15 foot tall giant jumping through trees to attack you and not being scared

    • Pain Ville gaming says:

      Whitbeard is 7 meter…..way more then 15 foot

    • george contreras says:

      @Tcb bct again I don’t think he’s normal sized we’ve def seen more short people than massive people. And among big guys he’s also relatively tall.

    • Tcb bct again says:

      @george contreras I know it’s just that as tall as he he’s still considered merely a human and not a giant

    • Alton Burt says:

      He’s 22 ft I believe

    • TheNobleLie says:

      Not when its his rival/friend .they both looked so happy to see each other its funny and probably one of my favorite moments in recent one piece

  11. J-Sama1990 says:

    This scene proves why Roger and Whitebread were the strongest of the strong

    • Nico Schmelzer says:

      @Victor Guilherme Ruiz Beatman Idk what your talking about but god valley roger was his best.

      Roger never had the chance to Hit his prime since he got sick shortly after the god valley battle.

    • Octarine says:

      Whitebread may be strong but brownbread is healthier for you

    • dakoda reid says:

      @Victor Guilherme Ruiz Beatman well if they didnt know i didnt want to spoil, also i dont watch anime and placing stuff is harder, but yeah stronger than roger in his prime and his rival garp.

    • Roguespartan68 says:

      @Ojogbane Amedu dude Roger needed help from garp to defeat rocks its a definitely

    • Totto Land says:

      And Garp is at their level

  12. Lucky Hazard says:

    Seeing through the comments of people giving their condolences to the people died and not being able to see this moment just shows the kind of camaraderie this Anime creates and I’m here for it

  13. Brenden Tait says:

    The badass thing is this isn’t even using Whitebeard’s (and possibly Roger’s still unconfirmed) devil fruit this was beyond casual for both of them

    • Fuck Google says:

      It’s a cartoon, nerds. What are any of you even arguing about?

    • Juan Hernandez says:

      @Otherwise Man i remember when people where fighting about if whitebeard had a df then we saw in marineford that he had one

    • kaleptoz says:

      @Adrian Respall Gonzalez can anyone provide proof that Roger doesn’t have a devil fruit pls ?

    • Stef S.I.D says:

      I think he could if white beard has one then rogers maybe could have one they are rivals I mean but shanks did clash with white beard and has no df so really its 50/50 I don’t know the future but me I think he don’t need one

    • Ramen Guy says:

      @Phillip Martins Uhm Garp? Dude’s on the same tier as roger and WB

  14. thaik56 says:

    Rest in peace Chikao Ohtsuka, Roger’s late voice actor, your majestic and legendary voice is already missed.

  15. kbb 3055 says:

    Pureeeee mennnnnn

    The masculine energy is overflowing

    The thirst for battle 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥☠️☠️☠️

  16. xma 91 says:

    Marineford arc: Top tier devil fruits.

    Wano arc: Top tier haki clashes.

    • Volzye says:

      @Ace Frost There were also man made devil fruits called Smiles.

    • Ace Frost says:

      @Volzye Yeah, but that can be considered more of an experiment than an actual devil fruit

    • Lil Krysy says:

      @xma 91 Teach is only an exception because he has two devil fruit powers somehow, and also two of the strongest fruits in the series

    • xma 91 says:

      @Lil Krysy Yeah, he’s the only Yonko who didnt show strong haki by far..

    • Sow Najee says:

      I felt like haki was a good and bad addition to the story because to make non DF users have a chance to beat DF users, but now if you don’t have haki your pretty much screwed

  17. Kourtinho says:

    Imagine this Whitebeard at marinoford. Everyone would be dead…

    • nobody says:

      @Kuro ro blackbeard was not a yonko then

    • nobody says:

      @Augusto Sanjuan Garp was the strongest guy there,he swatted marco like a fly but marco was fighting kizaru easily.

    • Shaunak Kulkarni says:

      @cipherP9 3 admirals is still too much. I think we forget that he was with kaido, rocks, Shiki, and big mom and still lost to roger and garp. Wb was allied with the strongest crew to exist. Garp and sengoku can 100% take him. Akainu is tough too. He took a full fury attack from wb and was shooting magma 5 mins later. Aokiji also took a haki stab and came away unaffected. Also Mihawk could also be problematic since he is somewhere around shank’s level. The navy is too strong. The only crew that stands a chance against them is rocks since they were stacked.

    • Kuro ro says:

      @nobody Your right .. Blackbeard was a yonkou a few months after that wow what a difference

    • Kuro ro says:

      Its crazy how underrated Akainu is .. Oda literally said he has the strongest offensive devil fruit in the entire series and he could find the one piece in a year.

      Even Kizaru was boutta pull up to Wano against 2 yonkous like wassup. Kizaru fighting full strength boutta be scary asf.

  18. Vicente Usera says:

    I can’t believe we’re actually watching this. How many years trying to understand how strong Roger was without ever seeing fight 😱 BEST. DAY. EVER.

  19. Predated O says:

    The best part about the Oden flashback, is that the entire hype up for Oden’s power was secretly a hype up for Roger’s power.

    This is like seeing Freeza steamrolling over pretty much everyone in his second form just to set a standard for how powerful his final form must be, only to see Goku slap his death beam away with no effort.

  20. Negi1001 says:

    Whitebeard: i actually had to get a little serious. this dude’s tough.

    Roger: Lol, samurai go yeeee!

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