Golden Globes 2018: What to Expect as Celebs Hit the Red Carpet in All Black

Golden Globes 2018: What to Expect as Celebs Hit the Red Carpet in All Black

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Here’s an inside look at what is expected to be the biggest fashion statement in Golden Globes history.

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72 Responses

  1. BEBA Pagan says:


  2. Mana Mehdi says:

    Why is this going on? I’m missing something

  3. MrQbenDanny says:

    But were afraid they might lose out on the next “Scarlett O’Hara” role…

  4. Rebel Patriot says:

    Is there a “rape in real life” category? If so, there may be multiple winners for that award this year @ the GG…

  5. danielle harrington says:

    Wow! They’re morning what they have all known and created! Assholes!

  6. Harry Richards says:

    Hollywood is so stupid lol

  7. DAVID B says:

    Looks to be a waste of time and of course someone will say something negative about our President Mr. Trump

  8. David Cavill says:

    Y’all that ain’t no golden globes, that’s an orgy about to happen, trust and believe.

  9. joseph breaux says:

    The Hollywood Elite are such Hypocrites they all knew they all knew and they allowed it they benefited from it and they kept it going for years Hippocrates Hippocrates Hippocrates

  10. Godspeed says:

    Remember guys, it’s all about everybody except for straight white men. Lol

    • Nightmare_0-mega Von says:

      Nope their Asian, not European, italians are not white either, same Asian shit, same body types and BLACK HAIR.

    • Sally Vee says:

      Nightmare_0-mega Von Sweetheart, are you retarded or just trolling? An elementary school education would enlighten you on just how wrong you are.

    • Nightmare_0-mega Von says:


    • Sally Vee says:

      Nightmare_0-mega Von Relevance to your point about Central Europeans (Italians) being Asian?😂 Next thing you know, you’ll say the tribe of “blonde-haired” Africans on that one island is actually White because *HAIR COLOR!*

    • Jose Villasenor says:

      Hollywood smells like pipi… full of child predators

  11. roedhunt says:

    OMG, they’re showing skin! Where’s your hajab, ladies?

    • beethovensbeloved says:

      +roedhunt Some of these harassed women stated that Weistein and some other “powerful” Hollywood men would wear just a towel around their waist to their interviews. Those cleavages and bare legs are pretty revealing.

    • SD Bo says:

      I was hoping one of those idiots would wear a full burka hahaha!

    • Sally Vee says:

      SD Bo How is that funny? How does that even make sense? You conservatives truly do operate on some AM radio-level cognitive ability.

    • SD Bo says:

      Sally Vee you know who the most conservative and religious people in the world are? muslims 🙂

  12. Lourdes Marquez says:


  13. Jayda Wright says:

    Viola Davis Come Thru!!!!!!Working!!!!!Fabulous!!!!!!!

  14. Catherine3385 says:

    If one didn’t wear black they will be harassed

    • SD Bo says:

      Catherine3385 yup, a lady named Blanca Blanco is being harassed cuz she wore a beautiful red dress.

      would’ve been funny if her name was Negra Negro. Hahaha!

  15. katanakeith says:

    I think that this is hilarious. The “casting couch” has been around since the conception of Hollywood circa 1910. Everyone knows that this behavior has been going on and yet these hypocritical actors and actresses pretend that they have just discovered this phenomenon. I and my wife haven’t been to a theater for over a decade and have not missed a thing. We don’t look at these people as royalty or anything to be idolized.
    Many years,(and I mean YEARS) ago, we use to watch the award shows but, now they represent elitists clapping for each others financial gains in the theatrical industry and to bash the Republicans. Enjoy it while you can narcissists. Hollywood is dying and you know it. Have you noticed that you see more and more older actors doing television and commercials?

    • Nightmare_0-mega Von says:

      Good, get ready for the end too, prepare your self because they are about to do some strange stuff, this is the beginning of the end.

    • katanakeith says:

      John Stevens,”Netflix, on demand, all these channels on television , other streaming channels, and movie theaters all across the nation once again I don’t think Hollywood is dying.”
      What you just stated is why Hollywood is dying. If you check articles about the decline of young people going to theaters you would understand much more. Hollywood’s mainstay of major box office draw actors declining age, increase in sequels, lack of original ideas, the increase in netflix, streaming online movies, security problems at theaters, and increase in ticket prices is what is harming Hollywood. Not to mention the current sexual accusations that has been going on since the conception of Hollywood and the “casting couch”.
      Have you ever noticed that more and more money is being made overseas than here in the states. Hollywood can no longer rely on American viewers to sustain them monetarily. If you would check some articles online you will find that box office flops are at a all time high. Whenever someone states opinions referring to streaming and Netflix, I figure that I am talking to a millennial. Am I correct?

    • unknown cx says:

      Sami Brady you sound like an mk ultra recipient (most liberals, probs don’t even know what mk ultra is) did u not read his comment? You must b so brainwashed, lmao have fun

    • Linyoshi Belle says:

      katanakeith I’m a millennial. A Californian millennial, at that. But I agree with you in that it’s just a self-congratulatory circle jerk. The group in particular only aim to operate in an agenda that makes them more “accessible/marketable” to media outlets. In short, they’re virtue signaling & it’s pathetic. They, for the most part, aren’t feminists or allies, they’re simply living fads trying to jump onto a high speed bandwagon. I would bet my a pair of 22 year old lungs that many of these people can’t even accurately detail feminist social theory. They’re just pretending… after all, they play pretend for a living.

    • MrGchiasson says:

      katanakeith since global-warming got frozen out…these narcissists needed another scam…and chose Weinstein as their poster-child…after they traded sex for movie stardom.

  16. Abraham Rivera says:

    Boycott Hollywood and Meryle Streep

  17. Tumblr Addict says:

    Their silence is the problem ffs

  18. Watogo says:

    Get ready for these phoney overpaid Hollywood hacks to once again turn this into bash Trump night under the sexual garbage weapon which is all they have left. No collusion, no obstruction, no evidence of a crime, just record breaking stock market highs, GDP at 4%, black unemployment at all time low, Isis nearly decimated, illegal immigration down by over 70%, and tax reform that will spur job growth and the economy. Please hurry sore losers and use your last smear weapon and get your fake and expectedly played out phoney act of desperation to deny you are the ones with problems over with. Meanwhile we the winners of this country will not be watching you make fools of yourselves and will not give you ratings you do not deserve. Keep it up Hollywood our family haven’t been to the theater since the election and we have been just as happy without out it.

    • Watogo says:

      Katya Deville it’s good they came to their senses, props.

    • Sally Vee says:

      Watogo Was that a joke? Everything you credited to Trump was Obama’s efforts. Well, everything but the tax cuts for the 1% that will put the US in another Great Recession within a decade. And of xourse, a Democrat will have to be the one to get us out of it as usual while Republicans pretend it wasn’t their fault and their retarded voter base falls for it again.

    • Raidneyami6 says:

      anyways fuck hollywood elites and fuck washington elites (that includes trump) who just use shit like “tax reform” to make the rich richer

    • Sally Vee says:

      Raidneyami6 Except Hollywood elites actually provide countless jobs for little people in many, many, many industries. You think massive movies and TV shows get made with magic? It’s construction workers building sets, caterers feeding workers, electricians lighting sets, and other regular people that make the magic happen.

      Washington, aka Republicans, only focus on appeasing their lobbyist overlords to the T regardless of how they fuck over regular Americans.

    • Jose Villasenor says:

      Child predators in Hollywood full of homeless poor PEOPLE. On tv looks nice clean . Hollywood is a stink hole

  19. Indeegirl 42 says:

    Great. Another satanic ritual. Now go home and drink that baby blood.

  20. everestfalls says:

    They could have just skipped the entire event….

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