Golden State Warriors Championship Ring Ceremony | October 16, 2018

Golden State Warriors Championship Ring Ceremony | October 16, 2018

The Golden State Warriors were introduced and received their 2018 NBA championship rings before their opening night game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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93 Responses

  1. andres felipe sandoval torres says:

    Viva la NBA

  2. SoosUnknown says:

    Where is pat mccaw

    • UMIunited says:

      +House Phone
      He broke his BACK

    • OGGOAT_ _ says:

      +UMIunited maybe MCCAW planning to play in China CUZ NO NBA team will offer to him more than 5,2mln

    • John50 Beach says:

      William Huang For real? He fit the role but as an individual player he wasn’t really that good at anything other than wing defense

    • Thomas Gelke says:

      mccaw looked promising his rookie year but he was garbage last year. i give credit to kevon looney for resigning and playing one more year with a great team. mccaw must have talked to nick young and gotten talent and paycheck mixed up.

    • Allan Radman, D.C. says:

      I read it was 2 years at $5 million. McCaw is STILL a RFA unless the Warriors release him. And guess what, under the CBA rules if he is still a RFA come March – he becomes the EXACT same RFA next season with the Warriors owning his signing rights! Even if he goes to Europe or China to play this season he is still a RFA in the NBA.

  3. Jay Lee says:

    Let the 3peat begin, GS got this win tonight by 15

  4. Vyshakh Vathielil says:

    YouTube is back!!!!

  5. basketball and games says:

    Wtf happened to YouTube for the past hour

  6. Ai Youngboy says:

    Love them or hate them you can’t deny their greatness we are witnessing one of the greatest dynasties this League has ever seen crazy how they could possibly 3 peat this year wow.

    • Rochelle Morgan says:

      It amazes me how no one paid these guys attention when they were losing but now they are winning y’all hate them. Draymond is a 2nd rounder and he was fat. Steph mother didn’t think he would make it because of his size and he had bad ankles. No one was checking for Klay. And they added Durant. Stop whining. This team is great. Haters stay in the comments. If you don’t like them then don’t watch

    • ORAMI27 SHYGONE says:


    • Unique Taylor says:

      Facts man, I’m not a fan of the worries, but right now there dynasty is still too great & they’re possibly waiting for a third straight ring. 😔

    • Sonu Pandey says:

      +akibanoai azikmani the most popular sport in the world.

    • Jess Mbibe says:

      +Random Guy2000 I am not a worriors fan but please shut your dumb ass up! Like seriously they can sign who ever they want they didn’t go against any NBA rules did they?! This is just the best NBA team in history period!

  7. MoneyShot says:

    My ring pop is worth more than those rings.

    EDIT: so many warriors fan cant take a joke lmfao.

  8. Steven Barry says:

    Steph’s 3rd ring 🔥

    • SAMURAI JACK says:

      +Shawn Kay Ya I know hypothetical situations don’t mean much in sports. And I give the Warriors a lot of credit for building this team but KD kinda ruined the argument that they are not over powered. Like the only way they can lose now is if they are bored or play poorly.

    • Gichelle Guzman says:

      No finals mvp lol

    • Derrick Iosn says:

      east oakland Lebron actually had to play his best to beat Steph. Steph can have a bad game and still sweep Lebron. Way better cast has helped clearly.

    • Yamamoto Takeshi says:

      +Zach Campbell you one of those dummies that over look the Celtics for no reason

    • Zach Campbell says:

      +Yamamoto Takeshi Yeah and I’ll continue to until they win another championship, idc what teams look like on paper or the season before. That’s dummy shit.

  9. CERAADI side nigga says:

    They set up westbrook they made him watch kd get his ring

    • Double0 Texan says:

      hell yeah its awesome

    • Chris Biba says:

      I bwt he was feeling real salty

    • R R says:

      You beat me to it lol

    • Can't Beat The BAY! says:

      Hahahahaha that’s funny — I didn’t think about that. GOOD!

    • d w3 says:

      +Sankeerth Koshy i said I’m a Californian not a warrior’s fan. 2nd this whole bandwagon jokes truth be told who really knew of the cavs prior to lebron getting drafted there the warrior’s far more legends/hall of famers than the Cavs chris mullin Tim Hardaway Latrell Sprewell Chris webber Benard King Rick Barry Jerry Lucas WILT CHAMBERLIN little homie that’s just a few of them so what u sayn? Lastly I’m a laker fan who has 16 Rings one of arguably the best teams in NBA history so what u sayn? Born n raised on the infamous streets of south central los angeles where the ORIGINAL crips n bloods n pirus r WTF R U. nevermind nobody cares😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊


    Steph should have gone last

  11. everyday life says:

    Mcgee is waiting to get his ring in front of lebron

  12. Gingam says:

    Bold prediction but I think the GSW will win again this year.

  13. Mr Samuels says:

    Keep denying lebron championships 😁

    • Dennis Poncardas says:

      Yeah, *Lebron* said not 1, not 2, not 3, he must talking about his Finals Losses.

    • Dis Guy! says:

      Dennis Poncardas

      We all know the Lakers ain’t shit.

    • King_ Savage15 says:

      Yeezy Dude exactly

    • Sandra Contreras says:

      +ATL 1 Yeah, but those players are not constantly called “the greatest player in the world”. Lebron James is constantly being called that, whether he earns it or not. He should be required to prove that title every year, by winning a championship. I don’t give a damn who he plays with

    • ATL 1 says:

      +Sandra Contreras it is a team’s sport. Take a guy off of any team and replace LeBron off that Cleveland team and see if that guy could get them to the finals.

  14. Simon Park says:

    Klay really looks like Squidward’s house in the thumbnail lol

  15. Rainzle says:

    curry should’ve got finals mvp

  16. Jesse Pena says:

    Look, i’m not an NBA fan. Nor do I like basketball. I’m more of a futbol fan. However, watch the warriors play is like watching messi play futbol, or Ronaldo, or Muhammad Ali box, or Tiger woods golf, or Roger Federer play tennis. You get my point. Its so awestrucking watching the best players in the world play their game. And yes, i’m a bandwagon, but I just love watch great basketball. Plus, bandwagoning is common across all sports. Ronaldo when to Juve and now everyone is a Juve fan (futbol reference). But everyone gets so angry in basketball when people jump on the bandwagon. Not everyone is a basketball fan, but everyone can respect professionals at their best.

  17. Ivars 97 says:

    Where is J.R Smith ring ? He was clutch in Game 1

  18. The Pussylicker says:

    Prepare to make more Warrior rings, they’re obviously taking over this whole season and will become champions again because we all just got to admit it.

  19. ^RuuDee^ says:

    Why does Adam sliver look like the happier version of Voldermort

  20. Da Wei says:

    Nba is a savage, made westbrook watch durant celebrate his ring

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