Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game 2 Highlights | June 2, 2019 NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game 2 Highlights | June 2, 2019 NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game 2 Highlights | June 2, 2019 NBA Finals

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89 Responses

  1. AfroKenny says:

    You can literally hear all the air sucked out of that arena when Iggy hit that shot.

  2. bak dos says:

    Warriors lost game one; sports talk shows “is this prove that the warriors need KD to win the championship.
    Warriors won game two; tomorrow will be ‘is this prove that the warriors don’t need KD to win the championship. It’s ridiculous!

  3. Unlimited Offense says:

    *The only way the Raptors could win is if*
    *DRAKE wears a Warriors Jersey*

  4. exillens says:

    GS players dropping like flies, yet as long as Steph and Green play they remain in formidable shape. No doubt that’s who drives the team

    • yadidimean18 says:

      Exactly, the warriors are basically all hurt and still going out there. Cousins is a huge addition though. Klay said he’s good to play Wednesday and the warriors are confident he’ll be out there. Hopefully they don’t blow something up for pushing themselves so hard, but fuck it, iggy’s probably retiring and KD is probably leaving so they gotta go hard for that championship.

    • yadidimean18 says:

      PG 13PACERNATION yes! They were treating the raptors like babies, literally any contact was getting called. They will not get those calls in oracle…

    • rzl says:

      There no need to quarrel,
      the ones who drive the team are Steph and Green,
      the ones who drive the scoreline are Steph and Klay.

    • globalicon2012 says:

      durant getting carried as usual

  5. Imagine_ TUN says:

    No one is mentioning Cook but what he did was the main reason for that momentum.

  6. Sam Eaton says:

    Pass to iggy

    Drake: “and I oop-“

  7. Daniel Li says:

    You upload this faster than I can open youtube

  8. Oba*** Man says:

    The Raptors got caught sleeping on the 3 quarter, the warriors destroyed them in the 3

    • Wolfy2929 says:

      And missed to many shots in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter. Could have taken the lead there.

    • J Films says:

      Nah they lost it at the end of the 2nd quarter. They should have kept a double digit lead and even Kwahi gave up a sloppy turnover. It’s an uphill battle now. You never wanna give the Warriors confidence.

    • marco reyes says:

      Oba*** Man warriors destroy everyone in the third. That’s their quarter

    • globalicon2012 says:

      Hey pussy ass Raptors fans why the fuck didn’t you boo durant every time he touched the ball like you booed lebron when he joined the heat? Stupid idiots still jealous of Lebron? Why is it ok for Durant to “join forces” in GS but it was wrong for Lebron to “join forces” in Miami?? Why is it ok for Durant to blow a 3-1 lead and handpick his own superteam?

      Stupid pussies why the fuck is it ok for “dudes” to get together and “join” forces and create a “superteam”?

      Lebron James 3 rings
      Kevin Debrat zero rings
      Thug lowry 0 rings

    • Rufus Monroe says:

      As they should

  9. Davy Jones Locker says:

    I know u won’t get no love Q. Cook but you were out here hooping 👏🏽💯

  10. For ever Dead inside says:

    Momentum shift! We taking this fight back “the biggiddy biggidy O!”
    Bay area get ready!

  11. shinichi kudo says:



  12. Art Tibayan says:

    When you study about Steph and you get Iggy on the exam 😂

    • Elevated Status says:

      +a.gulabyar 29 Anything can happen of course.

    • Samrat Dutta says:

      +a.gulabyar 29 can’t defeat a wounded soldier and thinking of winning war. A full strength Golden State would have swept u guys with a margin of 15 ppg. Celebrated game 1 like u guys won the finals. The series just started.

    • a.gulabyar 29 says:

      Samrat Dutta lmao we celebrated every game for the last 2-3 games, look we’ve never gotten this far, all you gsw fans (not the bandwagon ones) have experienced this many many times, this is our first nba finals and we’ve been waiting years for this, of course we’re gonna celebrate for first off, winning our first NBA final game and for beating the best team in the league that everyone supposedly said were gonna sweep us, so not really surprised Canada celebrated, but the series is tied 1-1 and anything can happen

    • Art Tibayan says:

      a.gulabyar 29 Doze of their own medicine

    • sean roland says:

      haha this comment is golden!

  13. Nick Wayne says:

    ESPN pundits: I knew the Dubs wouldn’t win without KD…LMAO

  14. Jimmy M says:

    Put some respeck on Iggy’s name. You don’t leave the Finals MVP open like that!

  15. Thái Hưng Nguyễn says:

    finally a channel that actually shows us the whole play instead of the ball flying into the basket for 10 min straight

  16. Mygel52 says:

    Warriors drinking michael’s secret stuff at half time

  17. Elok Tampaty says:

    he golden state warriors restaurant”

  18. Emilio Lopez says:

    Things that science can’t explain
    1. Black hole
    2. Bermuda Triangle
    3. Warriors 3rd quarter rush

  19. ashkan alizade says:

    raptors could win this game too, they lost the game because of sleeping in the 3rd quarter damn

  20. Brendan Des says:

    Gotta give Cook some credit he got points that got the big lead

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