GoldenEye 007 – Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online

GoldenEye 007 – Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online

GoldenEye 007 is back! Originally released for the Nintendo 64 system, the legendary game is coming to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members on 1/27.

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20 Responses

  1. Are S. says:

    Wow! Finally! At 41 I’m eager to revisit this game that was such a large part of my life at 16. 😁

    • Kraken 500 says:

      @Dr. Loomis leap how?? the game literally plays the same, so where is the ‘aging’

      like people spend hours with goldeneye daily for years.. has the human condition changed? have we ‘evolved’ as a species in those last 26 years

      now THAT is a bad take

      only thing that has ‘advanced’ is the graphics, and i don’t play games for graphics.. it’s still one of the most fun shooter ever made

      the mechanics of many modern games suck, and they are more worried with ‘immersion’ then gameplay, that is not the case with goldeneye

      and no it is nothing like living in a cave, it’s more like saying that the star wars prequels are better then the original movies, because they ‘advanced’ and used CGI

    • Kraken 500 says:

      @Pickled Kong i played perfect dark recently, and the framerate was’s not a ‘slide show’ at all (this isn’t star fox)

      and it has a N64 control scheme like what do you expect, this has nothing to do with the game it has to do with the console

      you just get accommodated to it like just about every N64 game that people had no problems with back in 1997

      todays standards are low, that’s why so many games try to be movies and ‘cinametic’ goldeneye was based on a movie and still felt like it was taking gameplay over any kind of a storyline.. the ‘standards’ (whatever you mean by that) are hardly better

      Goldneye is better with more replay value then most FPSs made in the last 5-10 years

    • Dr. Loomis says:

      @Chris You’ve never had your nostalgia shattered by returning to something decades later? I think most people will play this game for 15-20 minutes and move on.

    • Dr. Loomis says:

      @Kraken 500 “Games don’t age” What a horrible hot take. Games definitely age…especially from this early era of 3D gaming.

      “how is it ‘horrible’ now if it was so beloved in the late 90’s??” Because gaming has made huge leap in the past 26 years. Graphics, controls, and mechanics have all made huge advancements. That’s like asking why it was horrible to live in a cave compared to a house.

    • Dr. Loomis says:

      @PhoenixReturns I mean…all you’re doing is aiming

  2. Dan Hodson says:

    My entire teenage years wrapped up in one game in a nostalgic blast from the past. What a time to be alive!!

  3. AbdallahSmash says:

    Epic! I hope this is the standard of N64 releases going forward! The leftover library is huge, let’s get the next titles announced.

  4. Paul CosmicTitan says:

    I’m excited for this classic to finally return on NSO! Now we finally have a release date for it and I’m happy about that. I remember playing this on my N64 as a kid a lot with my siblings, there’s so many fond memories with this game!

  5. ProjectJ says:

    Got memories of playing this with my dad when I was a kid. N64 era is so nostalgic for me.

  6. Christopher Davis says:

    The music in this game is iconic. I’ll be turning up the volume for this one.

  7. KiNG CARLOSvV says:

    This music is so iconic!
    I do miss the N64 days.

  8. Ryan Beck says:

    One of my all time favorite childhood games, great to see a great classic comeback

  9. Gray G&A says:

    Fond memories of my childhood! Looking forward to playing through it again!

  10. J-P says:

    Ooooo that nostalgia is hitting so hard right now!

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