Golf Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Golf Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

It’s time to hit the links.
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20 Responses

  1. Katherine Nguyen says:

    where’s panda?

  2. Elliott Harrimam says:

    that was sound effects for the window break

  3. gamersworld says:

    Name of the song???

  4. Alen Kasumi says:

    Make stereotypes of soccer pls…

  5. ben nelb says:

    hole in one

  6. Gabriel Godbout says:


  7. The Real Hank Hill says:

    Do more golf!

  8. Khalid Ibrahim says:


  9. Christian man says:

    hole in one

  10. aydin 123 says:

    dude perfect i am one of your fans i want to come and know whats your
    adress is and state

  11. Game BOY says:

    purple hoser!!!

  12. 19Gooch74 says:

    It’s quite apparent that you guys play A LOT of golf!! LOL #Jealous

  13. Henry Wall says:

    It’s crazy how you guys keep making these videos better an better.

  14. Marcel Roberge says:

    Quite possibly the best golf video ever to exist forever. Just so much hype
    lol I kept thinking of how boring watching a real golf match is but this is

  15. Timmyil c says:

    Very nice Start

  16. Yiğit Ali Balcı says:

    So cool

  17. The Gaming Nerd 04 says:

    The hole in one was my favorite

  18. Ionescu Alessandro says:

    Very gum

  19. Oscar Granath says:

    2:20 Even myself who is bad at maths know that it is a 90 degrees turn and
    not 45

  20. foxrace0985 says:

    How many times do you guys have to try these before they work?