Gonzaga vs. UCLA – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

Gonzaga vs. UCLA – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

Gonzaga held on in the final seconds of overtime after a clutch three-point buzzer-beating bucket by Jalen Suggs to send the Bulldogs to the National Championship Game. The Zags had all five starters in double-figures, led by Drew Timme with 25 points and Joel Ayayi with 22 points and 6 boards. Watch the full game highlights.

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46 Responses

  1. Anson Ng says:

    As a Gonzaga fan, hats off to UCLA and Johnny buckets for an insane game

    • SnowbordrWRX says:

      I’m a Bruin and though we lost, just the fact we went from first 4 to final 4 is quite impressive. I will now be rooting for Gonzaga because my uncle went there, but also that we can say we lost to the eventual champion 🙂

    • Colin Wong says:

      @Donnie Streaty I.P. Rap Artist I don’t think Juzang is gonna leave, hopefully not

    • Patricia Lucero says:

      @David Jenkins aaaah shut up your team lost and an L IS AN L. YE BYE SEEEE YOU LATER WHILE WE TAKE HOME THAT TITLE

  2. BE C says:

    What a game. That Jalen Suggs shot will for sure be on the Final Four Highlight reel in the years to come. Hope it will be another exciting game Monday night.

    • Nolipoly1 says:

      @Jacob McCoy Be quiet. UCLA steamrolled through great teams. It was bound to be close

    • Chaco1961 says:

      His block and pinpoint bounce pass on the fast break might be an even better highlight. That sequence was a thing of beauty.

    • Se7en says:

      That’s right up the with Deron Williams hitting the 3 against Arizona in “The Comeback” and Laitners huge shot for Duke … But this entire game was a highlight reel .. Hats off to all these kids , coaches and fans … Baylor better be worried !!

  3. Major Tom says:

    This game is out of our imagination

    • Ray Will says:

      Like you’ve had many top ten moments in life lol

    • Ban Uni says:

      @Joe Smith ok joe.
      Fire off your top ten….

    • Joe Smith says:

      @Ban Uni i mean literally type best ncaa buzzer beaters into youtube, is that too hard? any shot that happened on a tie game is not in consideration – that’s just a freeroll with no pressure. defense also needs to be considered.

  4. M G says:

    No lie… That may have been one of the greatest college basketball games that I’ve ever watched.

  5. Nick R. says:

    What both teams did tonight was superhuman.

  6. Uzi says:

    It takes two to tango, what a game from UCLA they have nothing to be ashamed about here, instant classic! 👌

  7. Vampire Hunter D says:

    Suggs will remember that moment for the rest of his life. That shot was every basketball players ever dream come true.

    • 10,000 hrs says:

      Yeah almost better than the last shot in the finals tbh aint nothing like being 19-20 years old with a game winning shot

    • Jeani Parker says:

      Suugs jersey was #1….how fotting. No team wins 35 games in a row and be called “Cinderella”. Zags are stunning.

    • Jeani Parker says:

      @karleg look up the word “talent” in the dictionary. Won’t find your name thats for sure!

  8. Bille says:

    Major props to UCLA. It was clear they didn’t care Gonzaga was undefeated and felt they weren’t underdogs.

  9. Carson Claws says:

    What an amazing run by UCLA

  10. JohnRiggs says:

    Looking forward to the lifetime original movie.

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