Gonzaga vs. UCLA – Sweet 16 NCAA tournament extended highlights

Gonzaga vs. UCLA – Sweet 16 NCAA tournament extended highlights

Gonzaga came back from 13 down at the half and survived a late push by No. 2 UCLA, winning 79-76 on a deep three from Julian Strawther in the final seconds. Watch the extended highlights here.

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45 Responses

  1. Jackson H. says:

    Why is UCLA-Gonzaga always an instant classic

    • Kevin Payton says:

      @Chikush Odiz 2021 is a classic but last night’s game, no. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very good game. I stand by it .

    • Chikush Odiz says:

      @Kevin Payton you wouldn’t call the last two times they met instant classics? Lol what is wrong with you

    • Peter A says:

      ​@Raymond Qiu 2006 when Morrison cried… most zillennials were either babies or not even born yet lol!

    • CDSpratt says:

      I think the Zags’ ability to change things up at half-time has been a key to their success. They lost HARD in the first half, and couldn’t stop a thing. Then they came out and were impenetrable. Some teams can’t handle temporary defeat and get thrown off. But the Zags always keep fighting.

  2. Mr. Nobody says:

    Gonzaga came back from down 13 at halftime to be up by 10 with with 2:30 left to be down by 1 with 18 seconds to hit a logo 3 to win. What a game!!

    • John Foster says:

      ​@ChiefBlue4298 I agree 👍

    • ChiefBlue4298 says:

      @K L Hwrong, it was a back and forth game

    • K L H says:

      No the other team collapsed and Gonzaga played kind of good and passed them .

    • Josh Nic says:

      Some say the three-point shot is the reason this happens and I agree, which is exactly why for the love of God, we cannot add a four point shot! it’s turning into the luckier team wins instead of the better team

    • Jesse Ditter says:

      Yeah great game I agree, it was a classic. Fews coached way too many games to coach how he did with a minute left. It was awful, just like Campbell getting a three off with 1 second left there, should of happened, he couldve called a to eout told the guy to miss it, and then UCLA has to throw a full court heave if they even get a shot off, Few was awful truthfully.

  3. Matt Martinez says:

    This was like a final four matchup in the sweet 16 it felt. Another instant classic when these teams meet

    • Donovan Johnson says:

      @Django Unchained you’re right. I think you can make an argument that the Midwest and West had 8 or 9 of the top 10 teams in the tournament

    • Django Unchained says:

      West region was deep it was a final four matchup

  4. Sakthi Thanigai says:

    That last Gonzaga 3 is literally what Villanova ran to beat UNC in the national title game

  5. William Stacey says:

    As a diehard zags fan who lives in Spokane this game gave me like five heart attacks

    • Gage Powell says:

      I’m a diehard Zags fan In western Washington but same here. After Julian sunk that 3 I jumped up out of my seat and smashed my hand through a lightbulb. Great times. GO ZAGS

    • Fral F says:

      not the bacon right?

    • Tyler Engstrom says:

      Anytime Gonzaga plays UCLA in the tournament it seems like I also have several heart attacks.

    • Jesse Ditter says:

      Got to like Few, but he’s coached way too many games for him to let the game get that close. And I think that was awful coaching even letting Campbell getting a shot off there with a second left. He had a timeout he could of told Strawther to miss it then Ucla has to throw a full court heave if they even get that. Gave me a heart attack too and for no reason. Few almost blew it.

    • pinball junky says:

      I live about 4 blocks from the GU university. After the game , the streets were wild. Many many students were having a party 🎉😅. Before the game , I knew it was going to be another classic.

  6. Dez Chi boi says:

    Great adjustment by Zags coach going with Malachi smith and sallis in the 2nd half changed the game 2 bigger guards that kept their man out the paint

  7. Ryguypie17 says:

    That last shot was insane, wouldn’t have thought they’d gone for that but hey – it worked!

  8. Christian Peterson says:

    Timme was doing EVERYTHING. Rebounds, 3’s, blocks, scoring in the paint. He does so much for his team. Respect man 💪🏼

    • Where’s The Wall? says:

      Another Sabonis

    • Robert Vasquez says:

      ​@David Brow who traveled?

    • jase allenson says:

      And committing some of the worst uncalled travels i have ever seen. The one between the 4 and 5 minute mark of this video, where he was in post and went baseline for the scoop layup(with thr ref literally right next to him) was absolutely mind blowing. He had at least 2 more blatant ones before that(totally shuffling pivot foot). Fast forwarded to the very end after that, so im sure there were more. Its insane.

    • David Brow says:

      @bigbuffguy95 that literally has nothing to do with my comment

    • bigbuffguy95 says:

      @David Brow Uh huh. UCLA didn’t make a field goal for 11+ minutes and got outrebounded by 24, lol. This loss is on them.

  9. Depressed Chargers Fan says:

    And to think of that shot doesn’t go in, Drew Timme would forever hate himself for missing those two free throws. Good thing he gets another chance

  10. Victor Esekwe says:

    What a game! Drew Timme’s footwork is always a beauty to watch. I have Gonzaga going all the way this year, rooting for you zags!

    • K L H says:

      Hey Man Georgia, a team that didn’t even make it into the NIT, beat #23 Kentucky this year so.. no way If they played again Kentucky would win according these…. intellectual giants above..so it’s a lock for Gonzaga!! (And this is brutal sarcasm for those who most likely don’t pick up on it) if you don’t know what sarcasm means you can Google it. If you don’t know what Google is ask someone other than most of the people in this comment section. Also 4 seed Virgina better hope they don’t play 13 seed Furman again. Furman won.. so there’s no way Virgina, a superior team, would win next time because… Furman won last time… (And that’s more sarcasm. I know that’s a big word but).

    • K L H says:

      @SkiJumpp  O yeah as if Alabama isnt the overall #1 seed and Gonzaga isnf a 3 who only won last night because a better team collapsed.. yeah.. as if upsets don’t occasionally happen *orons.. yeah that 16 that beat Purdue… They’re better than purdue I guess based on your very analytical logic.. and of course some teams dont like… Get better through out the season of anything… Genius!!!!!

    • David Petersen says:

      @Andy Lutz sure he does

    • Evan Schultz says:

      he traveled 4 times in the highlights his footwork needs work 0:25 – 1:29 – 4:40 – 9:24 – check them out

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