good morning sleepy heads

good morning sleepy heads

…and spock
interview with Anthony –

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24 Responses

  1. Riverrdaze says:

    This just shows that I’ll watch anything Ryan posts. All his video are top quality

  2. GreenBacon says:

    We miss you too ryan😇

  3. Ellery Martin says:

    Every time I hear this man’s voice I just want to hug him. He’s literally a ray of sunshine and I’m not sure how else I could describe it. He’s just so huggable. And sweet. Like… what other human is a sweet as Ryan

  4. BlitzzorMC says:

    ryan: “i’m to young for these joint pains”
    older more experienced adults: “oh, we;re just getting started…”

  5. Cameron Dane says:

    It hasn’t been the same after school I would always turn on your series and I would just overall feel more happy 😃

  6. DonutBite says:

    Man, this video felt like a sequel. To the point that you even fond the lawn mowing guy and did all the things you did on the penny challennge. Great video! 😀

  7. JellyBear Edits says:

    I hope there will be Penny series season 2! It would be a dream come true!

  8. Patch Client says:

    What I like about Ryan is like, it feels like he’s actually talking to us viewers as if we’re his buddies that crash his home just to play Madden and Catan. It’s refreshing tbh.

  9. 2Beanz says:

    Glad to finally see Ryan again, been long enough. Ryan is easily one of the best youtubers on the platform and has been for years. Im glad he finally got the recognition he deserves, been a sub since 2m and its so awesome to see how much hes improved. ;uv ya Ryan!

  10. Megan Guest says:

    good catching up with ya! again, so proud of how far you’ve come and all you’ve achieved this year. on the up and up!! love to you, haley, and the family 🥰

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