Good Omens – Official Teaser Trailer I Prime Video

Good Omens – Official Teaser Trailer I Prime Video

The end is nigh. #GoodOmens: Coming to Prime Video in 2019. Based on the best-selling novel by renowned authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, this series follows the story of Aziraphale, an angel, and Crowley, a demon, who have formed an unlikely friendship spanning 6,000 years and have grown fond of life on earth. However, the end of time grows near with the approaching Armageddon and they must now join forces to find a way to save the world.

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Good Omens – Official Teaser Trailer I Prime Video

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72 Responses

  1. tehBookDevourer says:

    Yay! There goes the question of whether or not I keep my Prime membership πŸ˜€

  2. Zowie says:

    They fit these roles so perfectly i was skeptical at first but now im excited

    • lilyann168 says:

      I feel the same way. I think I am being a bit picky. Overall this trailer does leave me with positive feelings about it. I mean….compared to the awfulness that it COULD have been…..*shudder* . Thank you for the nice conversation about it.

    • Sir Grampton Hampterfuppinshire of Cummington says:

      Don’t worry, they’ll ruin this with the script that butchers the original story and misses the point entirely, just like they did with American Gods.

    • Zowie says:

      +Sir Grampton Hampterfuppinshire of Cummington I like to wait and see how it plays out before i judge and yes maybe they will ruin it but there’s also a chance it will be really good and maybe just give it a chance before you judge it so harshly

    • lilyann168 says:

      Sir Grampton & Zowie….actually in one of my above comments I thought about also putting in the caveat that we ARE only seeing a trailer so far…..I know it can still really go either way. (I just didn’t want my comment to get too long so i left it out) I liked the American Gods tv show, but I never read that book, so I can’t compare it like I will be able to with this one. This trailer didn’t turn me off though, so as of now i’m still wanting to give it a chance.

    • Misha Steele says:

      David Tennant fits every role

  3. Sebastian Joseph says:

    Been looking forward to this. Martin Sheen and David Tennant. This is gonna be good.

    • Hugh Mungus says:

      You mean Michael Sheen? lol

    • quasarsphere says:

      The only better cast would be a physical and logical impossibility. But if time machines did exist, I’d want to get David Bowie c. 1985 to play Crowley, and Noel Coward c. 1940 as Aziraphale.

      Tennant and Sheen are a very very close second.

  4. xoMUSICismyESCAPEox says:

    Oh wow. This trailer is everything that I hoped for. Also, PERFECT casting and trailer song choice.

    • Thomas Murch says:

      I saw this comment, and instantly hoped that the song would – in reference to one of the book’s footnotes – be from the Queen Greatest Hits album. Thankfully, I was not disappointed!

  5. Jonathan Eilbeck says:

    Queen. Nice touch.

  6. Jane O'thenight-Bowen says:

    From the book: “Crowley had dark hair, and good cheekbones, and he was wearing snakeskin shoes, or at least presumably he was wearing shoes, and he could do really weird things with his tongue. And, whenever he forgot himself, he had a tendency to hiss.” NAILED IT!

  7. aayush Sigdel says:


  8. Jane Siegrist says:

    This is exactly what the world needs more of. Do all of Pratchett’s works into movies.

    • Dave Dexter says:

      +simpsonsim07 Well, yeah . . . unless you thought I’d read CoM and then never read every other book barring a couple of the very late ones. In case that’s not clear, I’ve read every DW book barring a couple of the very late ones, which frankly _hurt_ . CoM, along with arguably the next two, of course isn’t true Discworld as we’d know it but it still functions as its own story, and the failure to adapt it well to screen isn’t in how un-Discworldy it is. Casting, SFX, overall direction, score and changes to the source is what makes it suffer. Hogfather wasn’t a later film, it was years earlier and still did it better despite flaws. I’ll only be optimistic about the Watch series if The Mob aren’t involved, but Pratchett’s comedy seems way better suited to text – the conventions of live action or even animation either miss out a lot of the gags, or break under the strain of including them. None of the adaptations come remotely close to being as funny as the books, so they function best when the story and casting is good instead. Going Postal was worth it just for Dance.

      all of the above imo

    • Luminou dunno says:

      When you do, let me know. I wonder what people think of it. I personnally really enjoyed it. Richard Coyle is such an underrated actor, he’s perfect as Moist Von Lipwig.

    • Saren Arterius says:

      Mini-series. Movie does not have enough time.

    • simpsonsim07 says:

      +Dave Dexter ah I forgot the hogfather was first been so long since I’ve seen the films in order. Yeah live action adaptations do ruin the gags a bit. The watch tv series is being written by Rihanna Pratchett though only a little information about the production exists though.

    • Dave Dexter says:

      I couldn’t think of a better actor for Vimes than Stephen Dillane (Stannis from Game of Thrones). I try not to get attached to the idea as it almost certainly wouldn’t happen.

  9. eddie willers says:

    Funniest book I have ever read. Much like Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe but, blasphemy of blasphemies, even better.

    • Syndicorn says:

      If you enjoy the humor displayed by the authors that are similar, like Douglas Adams, you will probably love (as I do) Tom Holt’s novels!

    • Rupti says:

      *Galaxy, not universe

    • Liz Lee says:

      Maybe I just like the more cohesive optimistic tone. Too many characters though. It has more emotional resonance and tugs on your heartstrings
      While Hitchhikers… well its sort of a bleak sarcastic book.
      This has dark humor, but its tempered with humanity

    • Judge Hodor says:

      Adams wrote one funny radio show, burned through his A material and coasted on mediocrity. Pratchett matured with experience. Over the course of a very long career he has pretty much done parody and satire of everything showing some pretty nice insight.

      Frankly, the comparison is an insult to the true master, but so many people will just read the one big thing without ever picking up a second book.

    • c0ronariu5 says:

      eddie willers my all time fave

  10. epicskyline says:

    I am so excited about this! I was skeptic about Michael Sheen’s white hair in the stills, but he looks great in this trailer. I want to see the children next!

    • lwaves says:

      I never had the skepticism about the casting that you and others seemed to have. I knew they’d never be like the characters in my head but right from their announcement it felt right for Tennant and Sheen to play these roles. This trailer only confirms that even more and heightens my desire to see this. It may just be my most anticipated show of next year.

    • epicskyline says:

      It definitely is for me. I’m not saying I was concerned about the casting. I’m saying I was concerned about the costuming/hair choices for Michael Sheen. Why is his hair dyed blonde like that? But it looks better when he’s actually moving.

  11. Mark Wallace says:

    Michael Sheen and David Tennant together? I’m down.

  12. Arsal Khan says:

    Perfect casting and the trailer nails the tone of the book. This is going to be good.

  13. Nathan Zimmerman says:

    Crowley: “Elgar and Liszt. That’s all. We’ve got the rest. Beethoven, Brahms, all the Bachs, Mozart, the lot. Can you imagine eternity with Elgar?”
    Aziraphale: “…All too easily.”

  14. Gerald K3 says:

    Any album that sits in a car more than a fortnite morphs into a Queen Best Of album.

  15. larrikins says:

    okay. okay I’m feeling them in these roles way more now. I THINK I’M VERY EXCITED.

  16. Friendly Local Geek says:

    Well, this actually looks promising.
    “The point is… DOLPHINS!”

  17. themadplotter says:

    Oh Terry I miss you so much πŸ™

  18. Jedi Senshi says:

    The Doctor is finally a ginger.

  19. The World Famous Dork says:

    Oh good… I was worried they wouldn’t pay for the Queen songs.

  20. Philip Winn says:

    Still waiting to see Anathema, the Them, and the Four

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