Good people don’t brag about how good they are

Good people don’t brag about how good they are

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20 Responses

  1. Ariel T.V says:


    That’s what I would have said if I was retarded.

  2. Kate Dun says:

    Petition for Jake Paul to react to this

    edit: oml this was a joke cause I was tired of seeing 99.9% of the comments about Jake Paul lmao why the attention

  3. нαиα ѕσиg says:

    This is just a hate song on Jake Paul if you haven’t caught on.

  4. Lucas Daniel says:

    I wonder who this was aimed towards…

  5. joh1997dude says:

    Your songs would sound so much better in one key lower!!!!

  6. Project X5 says:

    N E
    N E P
    N E P A
    N E P A L
    N E
    N E P
    N E P A
    N E P A L

  7. Abdullah Alfehaid says:

    Did your forehead grow larger

  8. RayanAuditore I-/ says:

    Thats a P!ATD title

  9. Mighty Martelle says:

    In a world full of Jake Paul, be a Jack Douglass.

    EDIT: John or Jack either way, it’s the same shit so calm yo tits

  10. Wafa Al says:

    Jacksfilms in 4 words:
    New Meme? New Merch.

  11. Ian Calhoun says:

    Good people don’t use auto tune

  12. Apple Thug says:

    Why wasn’t there a trailer, or something to get me ready for this masterpiece

  13. Mikoo Hoskin says:

    better than comedy shorts gamer’s diss track

  14. Tactical says:

    jake paul is the type of guy to have a rolex

    and not be able to tell the time

  15. Broken -Buns says:

    I like how jack could diss jake without putting his name in the title

  16. CK_85 says:

    *Jacksfilms is good people.*

  17. Jemma JemJem says:

    John, you’ve officially joined the ‘Beautiful Eyes & Souls’ Club along with Pewds, KickThePJ, Jacksepticeye, Jon Cozart, Dodie Clark, Phil Lester and Daniel Howell. Congrats! 🍾

  18. do thisTV says:

    So what did i learn:
    1. That good people don’t brag about how good they are
    2. ……

  19. England is my God Church says:

    Just found this guy and I’m kicking myself because I haven’t found this guy before. He’s such a funny dude😂😂😂😂😂👌🏾 I’m subscribing and you deserve way more than 3 million. You should have a Diamond Playbutton.

  20. Me me big boy says:

    Jake Paul vs Jack Douglass

    it’s a jack-off ladies and gentleman

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