Goodbye Roblox

Goodbye Roblox

Thank you Roblox, it’s been fun

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41 Responses

  1. Tx_cle says:

    ty for being a part of my childhood goodluck for the future

  2. Premiumsalad says:

    Man, it’s been a Wild Ride Denis. Best of luck to your future minecraft endeavors!

  3. MadaraIsAlive says:

    Our subscribe button will always stay grey, No matter What.

  4. _cringe _svnflwrr_ says:

    Crying who me I’m not crying My eyes are just sweating 🥲😭

  5. Daisy __ says:

    “can’t stop won’t stop”

    -Dennis playing Tower of Hell

    i will never stop thinking that word 😀


  6. L.G says:

    ”Dont be sad its over, smile because it happend” The comunity will miss you, but we wish you luck

  7. Onetap says:

    “This is how everyones childhood ended in 2 videos as we already know memories arent memories its just a part of us that we will remember”

  8. Glaxiiッ says:

    “We didn’t know we were making memories, we were just having fun.”
    -any knowledgeable person

  9. Asteroid Gaming says:

    “Dont be sad becuase its over” “but be happy becuase it happened”.

  10. Fun with sandy says:

    It hurts so much to just see your whole childhood fall apart. I’m crying so bad. 😭💔

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