Goodbye Samsung Galaxy Fold…

Goodbye Samsung Galaxy Fold…

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is going back. I’ll be patiently awaiting the return of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. In the meantime here’s a temporary Samsung Galaxy Fold review. Which 2019 smartphone should I switch to next?

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46 Responses

  1. Unbox Therapy says:

    Which smartphone should I switch to now?

  2. #TheEverythingGuy says:

    Switch back to the s10 plus do a more thorough review and the battery life if amazing

  3. DR.LILJAY says:

    Next video: *I’m switching to the P30 Pro* **face palm**

  4. Atsard- Dali says:

    How about a
    T-Mobile Sidekick!

  5. Rahi Alimul Reja says:

    Lew? Get out of your comfort zone and try the Sony Xperia 1, I mean you have nothing to lose here. ?

  6. firefox 7 says:

    I think he should try Huawei Mate X , I would like to see the unboxing of another foldable phone

  7. AbsoluteTruth says:

    Switch to p30 pro. I’d like to know if the best camera is worth using as a daily phone too.

  8. MoCooper247 says:

    Vivo Nex Dual screen. Jerry took one apart 2 months ago but you didnt even feature it!

  9. david,brian,ashton vlogs/trickshots says:

    Switch to the black shark 2 gaming phone

  10. Jose Luis Maldonado says:

    The next logical step, is to get the Huawei Mate X. Pull some strings. Make some calls. And get a unit to review.

  11. Rafael Brandão says:

    Next phone: that caviar luxury symbian phone ?


    Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 ??

  13. Nicholas Sciancalepore says:

    Go for a mid ranger. You tend to use a lot of $500+ phones try maybe the Nokia 7.1, 4.2 or one of the new Moto G phones.

  14. kf160k160 says:

    One thing I impress about Samsung, they don’t blame end user.

    • Sean Wilson says:

      How can they? Almost every fold broke…I am sure if they were in a position to minimize the situation they would. Apple and Samsung use the same lingo.

    • LilyWaffle says:

      +Eukoda same, but I take care of my phone, it’s literally my first phone everrr, and there are 4 year old kids getting phones .___.

    • Chudini linguini says:

      thats the admirable thing about samsung… they dont give a f*** about maintaining their ego. They keep going even when they fail.

    • Halo Inthechat says:

      This was so predictable, Considering this was a new device and technological advancement. This reminds me Precisely in comparison of releasing a new Map in a gaming community. I do professional map development, and Won’t make any excuses and take full accountability of my mistakes. I only build maps of high caliber and deliver the finished product. Worst case scenario a huge bug will be discovered and be reported. That can fundamentally change aspects and compromise the level altogether. So Samsung will go directly back to the drawing board and identify all imperfections and hopefully make significant improvements.. Correcting all mistakes until it’s a polished device. Lol

    • Sean Wilson says:

      +Chudini linguini Well of course they do, they are going to get that money one way or another. I have never seen apple not “keep going” either. They know they can make a shit product and people will still love the next one, because we are all addicted to phones.

  15. ANDROID Gaming#1 says:

    Why there is sad music in background.?
    Most dramatic sad video .

  16. Jamal Dantata says:

    You’ve used most of these phones and they’re kind of the same so how about going with the Samsung Galaxy S10e just for a change and letting us know what do you really think about it. Please!

  17. Dee Bee says:

    Hello, what you thing about 21:9 and 4K HDR display sony smartphone xperia 1. Kindly put in sim card in this phone.

  18. Diva Kennedy says:

    Back to flip phones again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. Robert Jr says:

    I Pray they Fix it, cause I want this to be a Thing.. A Next Generation.. ??

  20. Gulshan diwakar says:

    I think MATE X is better than galaxy fold ?

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