Goodbye Youtube.

Goodbye Youtube.

In this video I tell my Youtube story, and about my decision to leave.
THANK YOU all for sticking around for a few years, I really did have an amazing time, but hopefully my reasons come across in this video.

Music by Ikson

You can still find me on IG and Twitter!
Instagram: itsmarziapie
Twitter: MarziaPie

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54 Responses

  1. Marzia says:

    Thank you all so much for being so understanding, and so incredibly supportive! I have been very anxious to post this video, and I’ve been in front of my computer reading your comments since publishing it. I wanted to simply add a quick note in response of people asking for the old videos: in order to move on, I need a clear head. Having videos up, after making this decision, would have seemed like taking a step back. I’ve selected a few that I really liked, which I’m going to leave for a bit – for the ‘adjustment’ period – but taking my videos down, in my mind, needed to be done. I hope this makes sense, and thanks once again, for everything! <3

    • Furat Malik says:

      I didn’t want to believe it. And half way through the video it hit me that it’s actually real, and tears are still running down my cheeks, Marzia.
      I remember watching you back in 2012, before I knew who pewdiepie was, before anything really started. I came across your video of curling your hair, and then watched the other 5 videos you had up. I instantly fell in love with you and your videos and subscribed with no hesitation.
      This channel has been such a huge part of my life and it makes me so freaking sad that I can’t tell you in real life how much of a role model you are to me.
      When you started to show us how to do your eyeliner, I was so focused on trying to get it right so I could be just like you. But I couldn’t get it right, and it made me so frustrated. For some reason it seemed like a smart thing to write in the comments that “I can never do my winged liner like you”, but you actually replied to me. I remember you saying that “it just needs practice !! You can do it, don’t worry”. And honestly, I brag to everyone about this.
      Then you started to have pewds in your videos, then people started recognizing you, more fans and more haters, I just stuck through every single stage.
      The way your makeup changed over the years has been exactly the way I’ve changed. How it used to be only eyeliner with nude lipstick, and how you didn’t like mascara on your bottom lashes, or how you didn’t like the way foundation looked on your forehead, then you started wearing darker lips, then more eyeshadow, and I was with you in every single one of those.
      Personality wise, I always felt like I was watching my older sister. Considering i don’t have a sister and I’m the youngest in my family, you always felt like the person I wanna grow up to be. I was 11 when I started watching you, now I’m about to turn 18. It’s so crazy to me.
      I remember how you would talk about how meeting people is scary to you and just everything in between. I don’t think I’ve ever related to anyone more.
      Every single video you used in this, I remember. And I can’t believe it’s been this long.
      I really really hope somehow you come across this comment because I just want you to know how much of an inspiration you are. You are such a beautiful person and you have shaped me into the person I am today, I swear to you. I talk about you to my friends and everyone, you are such an amazing person, Marzia.
      Thank you so so much for everything that you’ve done for us on this channel. I will always hurt whenever I remember that you left, but I understand where you’re coming from, and I support you through everything that you do.
      We love you dearly, and I can’t wait to see what your next step will be.
      Please take care of yourself, and *maya and Edgar wave in the outro* thanks for reading ?

    • S. H. says:

      I am really going to miss you,because I have been your fan for many years.So good luck with everything.Love you❤😚.

    • Carleigh wilsonator says:

      I wish you nothing but goodness and laughs and lots and lots of love. I hope I see you every now and then on Felix’s channel. Your note videos specifically are going to hurt to say goodbye to…

    • Moke Banana says:

      love you marzia

    • YouTube Algorithm says:

      Memento Mori Marzia

  2. Jearrod Fountain says:

    WE love you! thanks for being inspiring and pure in all your vidoes and what you gave to us was entertainment and a look into a life that is genuine! Hope to see you around too!

  3. w3ndy says:

    The word “goodbye” coming out of your mouth broke my heart into pieces. Thank you Marzia for all the inspirational words. The happiness you’ve brought. The creativity you’ve shared. And all the thing you showed us and helped us to become who we are. I’m gonna miss the calmness, sweetness and cuteness of your videos. I’m sure going back to your old videos that I saved whenever I miss you. Thank you Marzia. I wish you & felix the best.

  4. gustavo andrade says:

    If Felix deletes he’s videos ima loose my SHIET !!!!

  5. 10,000 subscribers with no videos says:

    It’s fair to want to leave and everyone should respect her leaving. But after years of people supporting and watching her I dont think it’s fair to take the old video’s away from her fans.

  6. Kawaii Potato says:

    someone tweet the Jenna Marbles bit to Jenna Marbles

  7. Kawaii Potato says:

    also will you be appearing in Felix’s videos still?

  8. Rabidkitty702 says:

    Taking the videos down kinda feels like a slap in the face… it’s something so many of us truly enjoyed, and letting us hold on to those wouldnt have been so much easier. This seems so sudden and I’m horribly upset right now. I do wish you the best of luck, but I feel very pushed aside as a long time fan.

    • DuckyDae X says:

      Rabidkitty702 Check the pinned comment. She still retains the rights and nobody can take that from her. In order to move on she has to let go. This is her journey, not ours.

    • Little Miss Neko says:

      I agree, and I’m really sad that we won’t get to see much of her wedding videos anymore. I respect her decision with everything. But I’m just sad that we can’t view her old videos.

    • Maya Oppong says:

      They’re not deleted they’re just on private so she may one day repost them or make them public one day

    • bee says:

      it would be so difficult for her to see her videos still up and people still viewing those when she’s trying to move on. I have treasured her content but I can’t imagine how she would feel right now, maybe taking them down is just what’s best for her.

  9. ufo catcher says:

    *marzia has left the server*

  10. Tiger Flamingoes says:

    I was thinking ‘It’s okay at least I can rewatch all her old videos’ but…I guess not…

  11. lil meow meow says:

    dear marzia, i know you will probably never see this comment, but i have some things i wish to say. i have been a very faithful marzipan for 3-4+ years, and i have seen your channel grow and flourish to where it is today. i always felt inspired to be more creative and keep my life organized because of the very beautiful ways you would edit your videos. heck, even if i was sick or just being lazy i would binge watch your older vlogs like the monday-friday vlogs you did and the LA vlogs too. and i would get to occasionally check up on how dogy and edgar and maya were doing. even your holiday videos would get me more into the festive spirit. but, as sad as i am to see you go, i know that what you are doing is good for both you and us. i have learned so many things from you and have aspired to be as amazing as you are when i grow up, and i just want to let you know that no matter what you decide to do i will always love and support you, no matter how heartbreaking it is for me. and, like my great-grandmother used to tell me, goodbye doesn’t always mean forever. and i wish that you will still be able to express yourself on whatever platform you choose as long as you are happy doing it. also, i’m not trying to contradict what i’ve said or be selfish with this comment, but please leave at least one video to remind everyone what an amazing time this wonderful audience has had enjoying your videos.
    goodbye with lots of love,
    ❤️ one of your truest marzipans. 🌿
    p.s., happy belated birthday marzia! i love you and will miss you.
    *happy and sad tears are currently coming out of my face*

  12. Asphaltraptor says:

    Holy shit I need to get this out. I’m going to miss her and her chanel so much. Marzia is someone who I’ve always looked up to (and always will). She inspires me to be creative, confident, and to be a better version of myself. I’ve always found comfort in her videos. I feel so stupid for being attached to someone I don’t know at all, who only shares small bits of there life. I’ve felt so connected to her, we surprisingly have much in common (only know this from what she shared). All in all this is really upsetting but I am so happy for her and wish her the best and more. Thank you Marzia for being so amazing. 💕

  13. awonderingcloud 0-0 says:

    In my Marzia playlist, 70% of the videos are gone now 😭

  14. Yessica Sosa says:

    My dear Cutiepie, we are not upset!
    We are missing you already, and we understand (some *will* in the future) that changes are normal and necessary. It’s okay to move on and do anything you need to do to have a clear mind to take a step into the right direction, so don’t worry, we will understand. You have our support. We love you <3

  15. Danitza Z says:

    There goes the last bit of my adolescence. 💔

  16. Arnov Jakaria says:

    Come to meme review now and then, yeah?

  17. JuniperKitty13 says:

    I’m supposed to be doing my homework but instead have somehow found myself crying at my computer, realizing how much I will miss your videos. No matter what I was going through I always knew your amazing artistry and cute humor could get me through anything. I will forever miss your popcorn video when the popcorn flew out of the pot and you turned around and said “the excitement tho” 😂 I come back to that video all the time and giggle at the silly jokes you put in it and I’m so sad I’ll never have it to cheer me up ever again.
    We love you so much and I hope you find happiness wherever you go. I hope you understand how truly amazing you have been for all of your subscribers and how incredible and deep of an impact you have had on us, and me.
    The world needs more people like you Marzia. 😘
    -A very teary, but very loyal and loving, Marzipan 💜💜💜

  18. Randem Gamor says:

    I know you’ve made up your mind… But you have such a great community here. You might not need the money but if you leave your videos up they’ll generate you money still.. also your fans can still watch your videos..
    I’m a small Youtuber just starting and I couldn’t ever imagine having 7.4 million subs ! I wished I was in your position right now.. whatever you decide to do. I really think keeping your videos up for the fans is a good idea so please consider this ! 🙂 o>

    • - says:

      It just feels like taking down her videos would be too “painful” for the fans, considering that she probably won’t make new ones for quite some time. Also, it doesn’t really make sense for her to make 7 years worth of content then take them down. Hopefully she adds them back in the future.

      …That’s what I think.

      Also, what does she mean about the “adjustment period”? Will she leave her channel with nothing or will she add her videos back when she feels doing that?

    • TheDustyForest says:

      @ – I presumed by ‘adjustment period’ she intends to completely delete everything and potentially even delete the channel eventually but was leaving a few videos up for the time being while she thinks things through. She might decide to restore all the old videos after all, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • - says:

      I really hope that she just needed to clear her channel to clear her mind and then she’ll put her videos back up again.

    • Aiden Thompson says:

      Gotta make it about your self..

  19. Ana Luísa says:

    It feels like an old friend is moving… such a strange feeling. I watched the video crying so much, not really knowing why!
    I mean, Marzia doesnt know me, but at the same time, and i finally realized that, i feel she was my friend. You inspired, and inspire me, Marzia. I remember now so many times i argued with people that were mean to you, as if you were related to me or something lol.
    And i dont regret it. I truly believe you are as amazing as you seem in cameras. I didnt know i would be so sad knowing that you are leaving, but most importantly, im glad i didnt die before i found your channel(referencess). Im glad i could be a part of your story, and i feel so proud, after so many years, of your development. Youre a part of my teenage years and ill never forget talking to my friends like “marzia is just like me!” “Everyone assumes im something without actually knowing me” i felt super happy when you started making more tattoos, even with the bad comments. I love the way you express yourself, being so shy. You gave us confidence.
    I could write how much you impacted my life for a day, but in the end, all i need to say is thank you. You thank us for “giving “ you the life youve dreamed of and didnt deserve, and i thank you, for opening up and showing the world the fucking amazing person you are. You deserve every single thing you have and more! Never, ever doubt that. You saved so many lifes, and put on so many smiles in so many faces that nothing could be payed back in return. You did more than enough. I dont feel envy or anything but hapiness when you suceed.
    And i hope you will be happy. In italy, sweden, university, brighton, japan, with felix, dogs… whatever you want!

    I’ll never forget this italian friend. I’m always a marzipan.
    Be happy, Marzia!
    Much, much love from a brazilian stranger.

    • Ana Luísa says:

      I dont know if you will read this, but just by writing it i feel better. You need to know how much you mean to some people.

    • Frubbie says:

      Hey girl, I feel you, I just written down a comment in Italian (cause I am) very similar to yours. I always think of her as a friend of mine, and this makes me cry so much! I’m a marzipan since the first video she posted and I don’t know what to do now, it’s like saying goodbye to a part of my life. It’s like a boyfriend that leaves you after years of love. 😔 I fell you.

  20. ashton obryan says:

    I’m crying for 3 things-
    1: I’ll miss her raw content of how nice and simple while also being beautiful
    2: I’m happy that’s she’s able to move on in her life to make great changes(while going with the flow)
    3: but sad shes leaving and deleting her videos(but I still will respect this woman for all the years she’s helped me feel better when nothing else could)

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