Google Cardboard Plastic

Google Cardboard Plastic

The future is clear. Experience actual reality with Google Cardboard Plastic.

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19 Responses

  1. Catti Lo says:

    actual reality?? what do you mean with actual reality

  2. Thomas Veall says:

    I want one anyway

  3. AxiomVR says:

    Virtual Reality is way better than actual reality.

  4. Brayden Campbell says:

    Lol April fools

  5. Crisscross AweosomeSAUCE says:


  6. Steve Chandra Halim says:


  7. ghettomotto says:

    This dumbest thing google has ever thought of

  8. JohnySlayer75 says:

    I’ll take 20

  9. Jeremy Mess says:


  10. PogieJoe says:

    What’s the song?

  11. TheCycloneRanger says:

    Everyone would be safer with safety goggles, though, you have to admit.

  12. Banko Maniac says:

    Sold. How do I pre-order?

  13. Smol Emo Beans Anonymous says:

    seems legit

  14. Kulcsos12 says:

    I WANT IT!!!

  15. Elijah Watene says:

    Couldn’t tell if it was real or not.. Forgot it was April fools?

  16. Mark Waller says:

    This and the parachute ad seem like jabs at Amazon and Oculus…

  17. Dramatee Games says:

    mabe sonted

  18. Paul Becker says:

    This wasn’t funny. Just stupid…

  19. Adam Possiel says:

    I’ll take ten of them!