Google Feud BUT it’s George..? 😳

Google Feud BUT it’s George..? 😳



My Twitch chat tried playing some Google Feud. Can you figure out more search results than us?

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47 Responses

  1. Anhad says:

    I think they didn’t give the points for George W. Bush because in the game there is no fullstop after W

  2. Bubbly Tea says:

    I’m so surprised dsmp fans have not gotten georgenotfound up there yet

  3. Jacob B. says:

    The thing is that George W. Bush was there, but the period was missing…

  4. Green says:

    “There’s more popular Georges than George Washington” -The most american response

  5. Priti Chauhan says:

    I ain’t a dream fan but I’m surprised the fans didn’t get gogy up there lol

  6. Amelia Tilley says:

    I feel like after a while dsmp Fandom would get gnf up there

  7. Gebbo says:

    What’s funny is that George w Bush was at no. 10, but Janky put a period next to the w where as the answer had to period. He got absolutely robbed.

  8. Gacha lilac! says:

    “ how does google auto complete this search George” me: Georgenotfound

  9. hecker says:

    The look of utter disappointment on his face made me laugh a lot.

  10. Dark says:

    I spit out my coffee because I was so surprised that George wasn’t up there.

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