Google I/O’17: Google Keynote

Google I/O’17: Google Keynote

Join us to learn about product and platform innovations at Google.

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20 Responses

  1. Josh Granger says:

    SeeFood. It’s food, you can see.

  2. Tucker Parris says:

    I won’t get a like

  3. Vivek Raj says:

    The only part of the keynote that had me excited was of Android O.
    Some really nice refinements to the os.

  4. Ms. Lazir Jose says:

    that woman with the slowmo guys is pretty cringe worthy….

  5. Travis Spence says:

    Just couldn’t edit out the “begin shortly” portion, could ya? *You resisted the urge*

  6. Wolf Haley says:

    can someone tell me why there’s a semi transparent gray grid overlay on my imageview when loading an image into it using Glide?

  7. Ram python says:

    37:20 thank me later.

  8. Pedro Nogueira says:

    I will work at Google one day.

  9. KiloSierraAlpha says:

    One of the worst I/O keynotes ever. In fact, I can’t remember a worst one in the last 5 years. Google’s losing it.

  10. Fabian Hernando Leon Ortega says:

    Google = AI

  11. Hassaan Zaidi says:

    “We know where you are”
    “We know where you are looking at”

  12. Philip Sober says:

    please Google never let Barbara McDonald near a stage again. Or at the very least get her some public speaking presentation lessons.

  13. Sina Serati says:

    You tube should allow us to block channels from appearing on my feed, instead of 360 bs video

  14. Kane San Miguel says:

    Anyone else getting weird jumps/ stutters in this video?

  15. Trammat hu sung says:

    So, thats the end of Samsung Bixby, even before Birth 😛 Hail Google Lens!!

  16. Poke493 says:

    I’m honestly disappointed in everything besides the new TPU’s.

  17. Kevin Loh says:

    Exciting stuff for everyone:

    47:50 Google Lens

    58:00 Google Assistant with exciting features
    1:04:28 Google Assistant AVAILABLE on iphones!!! (lmao)

    1:06:30 Actions on Google (Integration of Google Assistant in apps)
    1:07:50 Actions on Google supporting transaction (apparently you can order food now without even having/opening an app)

    1:10:00 Google Home and features
    1:12:30 Google Home hands-free call (calling is free to US & Canada lines, the receiving end does not need to have any additional device or setup, it would work like a normal phone call for them)

    1:20:00 Google Photos
    1:21:49 Suggested Libraries
    1:25:00 Shared Libraries

    1:52:00 Android O (Android 8)

    2:22:00 Google Visual Positioning System (exciting)

    2:26:00 Tensorflow Introduction
    2:30:25 Google for Jobs (really exciting too)

    Might as well watch the whole thing tho 🙂

  18. Akim Nubi says:

    Google is so boring with many crapshoot

  19. Taylor Abrahamson says:

    “Ok Google, turn off the TV”.. UHH No ones talked about this?? That is HUGE, I’ve been wanting this forever!!!

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    He loved you so much, He died for you, for me, for us!

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