Google just killed Burger King’s newest TV ad that had a disastrous flaw

Google just killed Burger King’s newest TV ad that had a disastrous flaw

Burger King’s new ad encourages people to ask Google Home to say what a Whopper is. The problem is that people can edit the Wikipedia page.


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20 Responses

  1. youtuber44 says:

    i laughed so hard i farted in the elevator while im watching this. good thing im along. good luck to the people who entered the elevator when i got off

  2. Random Crusader says:

    I love my medium sized child in my burger

  3. Skingrad says:

    i personally loved this ad extremely effective

  4. Ryan Davidson says:

    If only they actually made the burger like the guy is holding it. Instead it looks like a tornado made it, just throw all the ingredients around, cram it in the box, serve it

  5. Josh Dunn says:

    what if this was true? and making it joke? human flesh is meant to be the most tastey meat around and the cyanide is killing people slowly? this makes fat people

  6. wraithchild G says:

    BK is nasty, I’ll go to 5 guys instead…

  7. New Warleans says:

    This ad was designed to fail. Not everyone got that dumbass google home

  8. The Mighty Helix Fossil says:

    Also, now the Whopper Wikipedia page is “protected to prevent vandalism”.

  9. Tecno Ninja says:

    did they just a f****** cyanide that s*** will kill you instantly I had the video on in the background and I heard cyanide so I really don’t know what else is in there

  10. GoVir4l says:

    Its basically 45 grams of heart destroying saturated fat made with cancer causing chemicals and preservatives. Stay away.

  11. Bernardo Patiño says:

    is cyanide a gender

  12. Just Another Gamer says:

    You have to give Burger King props for creativity. I remember Xbox running an ad showing off the voice commands. Every time the ad ran, My Xbox One would turn on… Hilarious

  13. Artic Fox says:

    Is this going to be a meme now?

  14. HomySwagYolo says:

    *Pepsi*: Takes a record for the worst PR blunder of 2017
    *United Airlines*: Hold my beer
    *Burger king*: Hold my beer, hold my beer.

  15. too busy says:

    medium sized child?? did I hear it correct? like I am eating a teenager!!! my mind is completely fucked on this one.

  16. AkilTheAwesome says:

    Anyone else concerned, that ads are now designed to be able to trigger function in our phone?

    No one else? OK

  17. One Minute Answer says:

    I like to eat Burger King, sip on some Pepsi, while I take long flights on Emirates Airlines…

  18. Fype Lythal says:

    Google home is such a whore! Exposing all these restraunts.

  19. asum power says:

    it literally takes 15 seconds to explane what a whopper is…

  20. Anybody Seen Richie? says:

    How to shit you pants and get away with it……Sorry for my English.

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