Google Memo: Fired Employee Speaks Out! | James Damore and Stefan Molyneux

Google Memo: Fired Employee Speaks Out! | James Damore and Stefan Molyneux

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Why would a successful Google engineer risk his career to make the case against Google’s current diversity initiatives? Former Google employee James Damore describes the intense media backlash to his Google diversity memo, intolerance shown towards political diversity in the company, the importance of discussing gender differences and why he wrote the memo in the first place.

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20 Responses

  1. Stefan Molyneux says:

    Sign up for the Freedomain mailing list to get important updates about the broadcast. Don’t worry, we won’t send you a million emails and clutter your inbox, only important stuff!

  2. Not Much Of A Fan says:

    Damn that was quick. Good on you Stef.

    The irony is that he criticized Google for being an echo chamber, they fire him for exactly that reason, then all the media forms an echo chamber of calling it an “anti-diversity manifesto” consistently. It’s pure gold.

  3. lerojo says:

    James Damore > Rosa Parks

  4. Oh yeah says:

    Stefan has made it. He is a powerhouse. The top issue/person in the news talks personally to Stefan Molyneux. The information war is being won.

  5. Joe Morrell says:

    He has the look of a man recently red pilled.

    Welcome James.

  6. TwentyPercentDash says:

    James Damore did nothing wrong. The PC police like to get their panties in a wad at literally everything. They thrive on getting offended. Cartoon frogs are racist, air conditioning is sexist, the OK hand sign is a Nazi symbol. And apparently it’s now considered sexist and hateful to simply say there’s a difference between men and women. Social Justice Warriors have gone off the rails. Keep fighting the good fight, James Damore. We need people to keep speaking out against their bullshit.

  7. Bryce Lenhart says:

    wow, just watched the video, and this guy is clearly a closeted sexist, and possibly a racist. We need to stop the alt-right from spreading their hateful “””facts”””. I’m glad Google fired this jerk.

  8. The Jazz Monastery says:

    Damn, James looks like he’s 20 years old. How did he get all that stuff done?

  9. Mr.Sauceman X says:

    Very quick! This is why Stefan is one of the greatest youtubers of all time LMAO!

  10. Fashy Preacher Man says:

    Anyone who thinks Google needs more Somalis and trannys vs more right-wing view points is just lying and full of themselves.

  11. Brutikus32 says:

    Men and women have different IQ distributions. IQ mean: women=101.41, men=103.08; IQ stddev: women=13.55, men=14.54. This means that there are way more men at the higher end of the distribution. For IQ over 130, there are 1.839 men/woman. IQ over 140: 2.525 men/woman. IQ over 150: 3.726 men/woman. IQ over 160: 5.906 men/woman. IQ over 170: 10.40 men/woman. Being at the top of the game of a technical subject requires a high IQ.

  12. Jay Case says:

    Why does he continually refer to the LEFT as “open”…does not compute

  13. Edward says:

    I can’t tell if he’s walking on legal eggshells, just nervous, or has a difficult time collecting his thoughts in conversation like I do.

    Either way, awesome for him and you, Stefan, to do this for us.

  14. Kitty Twister says:

    he is much younger than I expected, which gives me hope

  15. Europa says:

    James Damore take my energy! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  16. Steve B says:

    He sounds like he’s a listener of Jordan Peterson

  17. Gurl EYee says:

    Build us a YouTube James

  18. lordoflek says:

    so… one of the biggest news stories in North America and the central participant decides to sit down with Stef for almost an hour long interview… if this isn’t a prime example of how MSM is over I am not sure what is. Thanks, great work Stef.

  19. LocumRex says:

    Pro Tip: Here is a simple rule of thumb. If your company has a VP of “Diversity, Integrity & Governance.” That is not a place you want to work.

  20. resptsr says:

    If nothing else, I think James could have a brilliant future as a sleep therapist. But seriously, listening to him call the Left more open-minded after being fired from a progressive company for giving voice to his opinions blew my mind.

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