Google Pixel 2 Impressions!

Google Pixel 2 Impressions!

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have arrived. Is it for you?

Pixel 2:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: (Unreleased) by Alltta


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20 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    Fucking hideous and they removed the headphone jack. I hope to fucking god this piece of shit fails

  2. quinn wallace says:

    Got me with the ok Google. Started searching for keyword

  3. Rajat Bindal says:

    Wise decision is to buy Samsung s8 plus or Google pixel 2 XL?????

  4. Prashant Paudel says:

    Its amazing that my phone just opened google assistant with marques saying “ok google”

  5. David Harrell says:

    U never respond I’ve unsubscribed

  6. Meeho says:

    It’s funny how Google mocked Apple for removing the headphone jack but guess what. No headphone jack.

  7. Evelina999 says:

    Do companies not realize that bluetooth headphones are just not good enough yet to ditch the headphone jack? You have to charge them forever, the sound quality is not as good as in the wired ones and they’re more expensive. The headphone jack might be old technology, but it’s still the most perfect solution, they’re ditching it before they even have a better alternative.

  8. Christian Andersson says:

    So. The really important question.
    Does it ship to Sweden?

  9. Sameer Krishna Surapaneni says:

    I remember when the pixel made fun of the iPhone for not having an headphone jack…
    How things have changed, eh?

  10. AudioFag says:

    That phone is ugly AF for 2017, makes the iPhone 8 look decent.

  11. Shingirayi Kwaramba says:

    Google home & two phones got activated when he said OK google. Lol

  12. Joseluis Colunga says:

    Damn! No one touches the damn bottom Google bar at the bottom! I want so see the stupid animation!

  13. Anthony Turner says:

    I honestly don’t want one more thing to charge. My wired Sennheiser headphones work perfectly fine. Every time I travel, spilling the contents of my cabin bag into the plastic tray through security looks like a mini tech shop. I have enough stuff already that I don’t need to add yet another charger for just my headphones. At the end of the day, wireless headphones are an inconvenience to me. They don’t do anything amazing that my wired headphones don’t already do. I don’t need a battery in something that never needed it in the first place. #3.5mmOrGFTO

  14. John Brooks says:

    Anybody else think it looks like the iPhone 1?

  15. TheJustinist says:

    Honestly, i barely use my headphone jack on my pixel to begin with. It is a very YMMV feature. Getting my Panda XL 64GB on October 26th

  16. Marlon Rodriguez says:

    I prefer bezels so I don’t accidentally activate touchscreen. THAT was the whole purpose for bezels so don’t hate on it. I am keep my flat screen Note 4, BEST android ever. The whole edge to edge curved side sucks hard. Just makes it easy to crack entire screen if it lands on side while I’ve dropped my Note 4 a hundred times and still no cracked screen, if it was one of these, new order for new phone. Why you think now all companies are doing this?

  17. M McAllister says:

    That portrait mode selfie was epic af.. Awesome shirt too.. Love it brother.

  18. Alif says:

    It is kind of ironic how Google making fun for Apple for their lack of headphone jack but this time… Google sucking his own dick.

  19. L K says:

    Portrait mode is alright, but the images look very flat – it looks quite obvious that it’s a software blur. iPhones have the best portrait mode IMO, and I’m not even an iPhone user…

  20. Mac Taylor says:

    2016 google “we have a headphone jack, they don’t “
    2016 apple “no comment”

    2017 google “ pixel 2 no headphone jack, no dual cameras”
    2017 apple “no comment”

    2018 google “no headphone jack, now dual cameras”
    2018 apple “no comment”

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