Google Pixel Slate: This Ain’t It Chief!

Google Pixel Slate: This Ain’t It Chief!

Don’t spend $600 on the Celeron Google Pixel Slate. Just don’t do it.
But here’s a link anyway:…
iPad Pro Review:

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Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds


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57 Responses

  1. boitang hopknz says:

    Is this what you wanted??????

  2. Kamran Rizvi says:

    That’s So Sad, There Was So Much Good Things Going For It And Then The Performace Just Ruined It, I Think ? Google Should Stop Selling The Celeron Models, And Lower The Price For The i5 And i7’s, To Get An i5 Model Currently It Costs $999 Without The Keyboard And With The Keyboard It Costs 1199 And The Performace Is Still Not Even Close To An iPad 🙁

  3. Dexter Silva says:

    damnn I watched this after I bought the tablet??‍♂️

  4. Amer Mohamed says:

    It’s really a brave thing you did because i think that google loves you and you probably know it they reach out for there awards and they display what you said on their product page and when you say that there product is bad probably upsets them

  5. nilesh dwivedi says:

    Welcome to my daily life with Moto g1st gen

  6. Wal Does says:

    7:40 *Is that what you wanted?*

  7. Lucas Garcia says:

    *this is so sad, honestly* ? I’m wheezing

  8. Kmlvn 344 says:

    *it’s like YouTube rewind was made into a tablet*

  9. samlol23 says:

    It’s called a “slate” cause it’s a throwback to the FLINTSTONES

  10. Matin says:

    7:40 Don’t think anyone listened to what you said in that part of the video lmao

  11. Xanthropod says:

    Intel Celeron in 2018/2019. Yeah, that’s gonna be a no from me dawg.

  12. Surmestic says:

    if u think that lag is bad u should try the old samsung galaxy tab 2 (10.1″)

  13. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    7:40 aah Thats Hot, thats hot ????

  14. Fresh King says:

    “mark ass brownie”
    -Will Smith 2018

  15. Best Marinho says:

    My dad always told me not to buy anything Celeron related

  16. tipoomaster says:

    Honestly it’s good that the reception is so frosty, hopefully that puts the fire under their bums to get serious about making ChromeOS reliable again.

    I’m baffled by that lag though, I’m pretty sure even the Celeron in this is more powerful on both CPU and GPU than the N3160 in my Acer CB14, but mine doesn’t have remotely close to that multitasking view lag. Maybe it’s the weak chip with the extra amount of pixels though, this is pushing some 6 million which is a few times more than 1080p.

  17. just riggz says:

    Please review the i5 or i7 model also

    • Marcel Diezasch says:

      I can tell you from trying at a store that the i7 still performs abysmal.
      It’s clearly the software, even the Celeron version should perform daily tasks like browsing smoothly, just look at lower end Windows 10 devices.

  18. Aaron Powell says:

    Thank you Mark Ass Brownie very cool.

  19. Spectrum says:

    This is literally the physical form of YouTube Rewind.

  20. Christopher Haddad says:

    Chief called:
    This ain’t it.?

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