Google Search Team Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Google Search Team Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Ben Gomes (VP, Search Engineering) and Chris Haire (Product Manager, Autocomplete) from Google’s search team take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the Internet’s most searched questions about Google autocomplete and search.

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Google Search Team Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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51 Responses

  1. maestro awesome says:

    now do it without the age restriction…….

  2. Cody Whitlock says:

    Yesss!! This brought entertainment and education to the perfect equilibrium ??

  3. K Slash says:

    The left guy isn’t allowing the other guy to talk, come on man, let him talk.

  4. Famous Jai says:

    2:02 guy on the right was gunna say yes we can read your emails ?

  5. Michael Malbon says:

    they where really quick to deny that they can see your emails and photos…

    • Nathan Goedeke says:

      Because people ask that all the time

    • busi magen says:

      There are people hired to do exactly that. It is a process, though. Software flags images and content that is suspicious which then has to be reviewed by a human. If the content is legitimately bad, they either report the content, or remove the content/user.

    • LivinlikeLarry says:

      Obviously even if they could, they wouldn’t actually say it on camera. And yes, we all know they can. Though I think it’s fair to say your average Joe Google employee doesn’t have access to our emails and stuff. I’m sure higher up employees do, and they probably need some sort of permission to look into that kind of stuff, but bottom line is yes they do have that access.

    • IvettaB says:

      It’s probably because its been asked too often, and they just wanna get it over with like “no! Why do you keep asking”

    • Scientific Machine says:

      Well they can if they wantedt to abuse their power, but the question was refering to private photos stored in say Google’s drive. Is against policy for them to spy on you,so of course they said no or they would lose their jobs. But again is a matter of whether or not they abuse their power.

  6. Blazing Jaws says:

    Can’t believe they actually did it!

  7. amp888 says:

    2:01 Of course Google employees can read/view your emails and photos. They must be able to because they are forced, by law, to provide those items (amongst others) when they are presented with a legitimate legal warrant by law enforcement. I don’t know why they chose to answer both these questions with emphatically negative responses…

    edited to add: “A warrant must specify the place to be searched and the things being sought. It can be used to compel the disclosure of the same information as an ECPA subpoena or court order—but also a user’s search query information and private content stored in a Google Account, such as Gmail messages, documents, photos and YouTube videos. An ECPA search warrant is available only in criminal investigations. The video below provides an overview of how we review and respond to ECPA search warrants.”


    • amp888 says:

      The bigger issue I have is that these Google employees chose to answer the question with blanket denials. Clearly, anyone at their level appearing for this interview would’ve had some briefing and preparation on common questions they’d be expected to answer (it’s not as though Google has never faced privacy questions before…). A blanket denial seems at best to be very misleading indeed.

    • Rens Brand says:

      amp888 It doesnt really matter wheter they can or cant, employees are not allowed to sniff trough someones personal pictures. They would need a legitemate reason to do do. The people that asked this question are better off with a no, its not ever gonna harm their privacy in any way.

    • MrLumie says:

      Some of them can, as in they are capable to, but they still can’t as in they are not allowed to. I’m fairly sure that 1. Only a select few may access your personal messaging, and 2. Accessing data like that is tracked, and if anyone accesses your data without permission, they risk the consequences.

    • Slasho22 says:

      Can all of u actually stop talking.
      W H O C A R E S

    • Adrian says:

      But their employees do not have direct access to your emails.

  8. Pritish Sawant says:

    Loved it. Do Apple Employess Next, then facebook, then IBM

  9. Christian Prenzler says:

    This is clearly propaganda amidst anti-trust claims

  10. Austin Full says:

    “nope nope nope” Sounds like someone who can do it though,.

  11. Jason.CR2 says:

    One more “nope” and I’ll believe you

  12. Joaco Diano says:

    – Can you see my photos?
    – No, no, no, no… well, yeah

  13. Facade says:

    “We are human we do”

    That’s only something that a robot would say. You can’t fool me :^)

  14. spartang says:

    “Can google read your emails?” “Nooo, nope, nope, no” That is EXACTLY what someone that can read your emails would say

  15. Cyandrik says:

    *_The tables have turned_*

  16. Toshan Vaid says:

    Way to go avoiding deep web queries ?

  17. ThisIsYouIAmMe says:

    “Do google employees get free food?”

  18. imicca says:

    Do google employees … have freedom of speech….NO. James Damoure

  19. xNiitro360 says:

    Yup. Yupp. Yep. Yip. Yup. Yip. Yep. Yupp.

  20. P. Martin Harkleroad says:

    these dudes look like stock photos that came to life

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