Google – Year In Search 2017

Google – Year In Search 2017

In 2017, the world asked “how.” Questions like how to join the military, how to run for office, how to make a protest sign, how to be a good parent, and how to be a firefighter were asked more than ever before. Explore the moments that shaped the year at


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82 Responses

  1. Debanjan Chowdhury says:


  2. hariganesh reddy.l says:

    Love from #India

  3. Naco88 says:

    Better than YouTube rewind! Not saying rewind is bad. I just liked the people and topics in this more.

  4. Rohan Singhal says:

    The only video that still fills me with hope

  5. Swissy noPants says:

    How to not have YouTube creators not blindly de-monetized?

  6. Pastghetti says:

    Youtube: How to make rewind as good as this

  7. Ethan Torres says:

    These always make me shed a couple of tears. Good job Google.

  8. ʀѳɦit ʝɑiɳ says:

    Sign of times 😋

  9. Saurav Rimal says:

    It gives me goosebumps.💟

  10. Evan Meyer says:

    So much more relevant and interesting than Rewind 2017

  11. Takemasa Isoda says:

    Definitely better than YT rewind.

  12. Anish Vaidya says:

    Empowering people .😍😘 awesomeness

  13. THE VIPER EMPIRE says:

    How about, how to make Syria a better place to live again

  14. Ismael Quezada Martínez says:

    Love from #México

  15. Dylan O'Donnell says:

    I can’t believe pewdiepie isn’t in this.

  16. AISYS Videos says:

    “Google Year In the Search” always making up for the shi**y youtube rewind.

  17. Damian Włodarczyk says:

    Someone asked how to make protest sign??? If someone is too dumb to figure out how to make a protest sign, he shouldn’t protest.

    • Nicholas aboo says:

      Skyler Seabourn I don’t know someone is dumb ask a Trump supporter

    • Nicholas aboo says:

      Skyler Seabourn You’re so obvious

    • Nicholas aboo says:

      Skyler Seabourn I knew you were going to pick on me just because I’m at stinking liberal and I hate America because that’s what all you Republicans think we hate America but you guys mostly hate America right now because you have a president right now who hates America he lies about it loving it

    • Nicholas aboo says:

      Skyler Seabourn I know when authoritarian when I see one this man is not a Republican he is an authoritarian he is the fastest he is a racist he is a rapist I’m not saying Bill Clinton was in a rapist he was worse to but I support Bernie

    • Nicholas aboo says:

      Skyler Seabourn Well you’re waving your swastikas in the air and blaming it on other people and not taking responsibility for yourself

  18. X Blocky says:

    Better than Youtube Rewind

  19. Manuel Taveras says:

    This is BETTER than REWIND. Every year i come here just to see this.. Love you Google. 😘

  20. Dhruv194 Mehta says:

    a nice video to sum up the entire 2017 in just 2 minutes. And actually *Sign of times* went quite well with the video

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