Goonzquad Garage Upgrades!!!

Goonzquad Garage Upgrades!!!

This has been a very much needed upgrade for our garage! We finally are making our work space more efficient. The more organized you are the faster you get things done! Follow along and see what we do to improve our workspace and content creation. Thanks For Watching!!!

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P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741


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54 Responses

  1. Ralph Lauren says:

    SMH thomas’ work going unnoticed, he filled the mustang

  2. Preston House says:

    I actually enjoy the shop upgrade videos. Hope y’all had a great time on vaca.

  3. kidwave1 says:

    Dang dudes, buy a few cheap universal car covers! ANYTHING is better than nothing!

    • XxHyJyNxX says:

      I think a steel carport overhang off the side of the shop would do the job, no? Not like they can’t weld. ?

    • Jarsky says:

      Yeah you can get car covers that are lined to stop scratching and breathable fabric that are designed to release moisture. I have one on my Skyline that sits under a tree for storage…I start the car about every 3 months to let it run but other than that, its just fine.

    • LetsGoToMarsMan says:

      They are all rebuilt anyways

    • kyle sessing says:

      +LetsGoToMarsMan What u tryin to say hmm?

    • MR A says:

      why when it would just produce more content. dang tree sap etched the paint.. guess we have to repaint the car…

  4. Will Rea says:

    At 1 million subs can we get some actual information on you 2 and the builds. Now that would be legit.

  5. I Am Rayy says:

    Road to 1Million Subscribers! ????? from Philippines Here! ?????

  6. Leandro Sanchez says:


    Goonzquad guys: that’s legit

  7. Julian Robinson says:

    Dude this channel is amazing, like if you agree!!

    • Ted Tedster says:

      No its nothing like amazing….these yank geeks are ignorant twats….The way they almost shout at the camera…gets on your tits….
      Unfortunately because of the proliferation of dumbed down beavis and butthead types America’s future is in jeopardy…America has allowed corruption spread in Washington,they’ve allowed third world immigrants to arrive unchecked they’ve allowed the Elites to not pay taxes….it’s a fucking nightmare of super rich versus a greatly reduced under stressed middle class.
      The Jews have taken over the country completely…they own everything worth owning….and saying that has NOTHING to do with Nazi stuff or anything like it….it s just a statement of fact.
      While these two geeks are fucking around with a car….there’ll be CORRUPT lawyers stealing yet more money from American Taxpayers….

    • Strong Design says:

      +Ted Tedster I think your on the wrong channel, these guys are the total opposite of what you have just described. I think you just described yourself.

    • blueblade455 says:

      Where did these kids all this money build this stuff?

  8. xicool1984 says:

    This young men get stuff done very quick. Very talented

  9. daniel vidal says:

    Your garage looks like a need for speed garage 😀 i LOVE It

  10. Miller Johnson says:

    “Crack one of them open”
    “I’m kinda scared”
    “I can’t read the words”

  11. Deksam101 says:

    The Goonzhop is looking fine!
    Move that American flag when you get the chance.

  12. marlon drunn says:

    Obrigado estou aprendendo inglês vendo seus vídeos abraço

  13. Vitalz Plays says:

    The idea of a classic car rebuild sounds perfect! ?

  14. Dave J says:

    If that place caught fire it would be a lot of money up in smoke.
    Your insurance company would go crazy. Lol.

    • Kenneth Strickland says:

      Dave J it’s metal… not sure how it would catch fire …

    • Strong Design says:

      +Kenneth Strickland The exterior walls may not catch fire but it would be like a fire place inside. These guys are smart so I don’t see that happening but accidents happen haha.

  15. RocHopn says:

    Goonsquad buys lift and uses it for car storage. Lol!

  16. Georgis Aloupos says:

    You should make a pavement for diveway

  17. Thijn Van Ool says:

    Hope you guys enjoyed the holiday! Keep up the good work

    Greetings from the Netherlands ??!

  18. RFerro says:

    Much love from The Netherlands!..Keep up the good work!

  19. David S says:

    Those epoxy floors are a dream to clean. You’re gonna love em

  20. david bell says:


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