GOP Threatens to Paralyze a Hillary Clinton Presidency: A Closer Look

GOP Threatens to Paralyze a Hillary Clinton Presidency: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Republicans already promising to block Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court nominees for years or impeach her if she is elected.
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GOP Threatens to Paralyze a Hillary Clinton Presidency: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Saiqua Tabassum says:

    agh when will this horror end

  2. Why you gotta go there says:

    Even if Clinton loses or wins, and hopefully she does not lose, trump has
    done damage to your country. You can see how strong emotions like hate and
    fear for “the other” can be. They ignore all of trumps problems, because in
    him they see the light of a white America.
    Trump has
    – In a Fox interview said that he would kill families in the middle east
    – Said global warming is a Chinese conspiracy
    – Has not many many campaign workers, including the little girls that had
    danced for him at his rallies, and at the same time goes around talking
    about how he wants to give people jobs.
    – He now says “Libya, I never even talked about Libya” but he made a video
    back in 2011 talking about going into Libya, and taking out Gaddifi
    – He now says he didn’t support the Iraq war, but on Howard sterns show he
    said he did
    – He says he is going to bring back jobs while his factories are in China,
    and Bangladesh
    – He ran a scam university, and when it came time for people to look into
    it the first time, he paid an attorney money from his foundation(other
    people”s money) to make her look the other way
    – he has bragged about pay-to-play for the past decade, and now talks about
    Insider corruption being bad
    – He said not paying his taxes makes him smart
    – He said America should torture people again because “isis cuts people’s
    heads off, and we can’t even torture people?”
    – He Has on tape talked about getting to sexually assault women, and get
    away with it because he is a star, and then says “Nobody in the world has
    more respect for women than I do”
    – He is up all hours of the night getting into twitter fights, while saying
    “I have the best temperament, I’m winning with my temperament”
    – He has sued the onion, and bill Maher over jokes before, and he says he
    doesn’t like Pc outrage
    – He has said he would shut down media companies because “they don’t report
    on me the way I like”

    And many more things. But trump supporters won’t care. They are purposely
    on this train that is heading towards a wall, and all they are thinking is
    “At least we don’t have any Muslims on this train, and the Mexicans are on
    the other side of the wall we are about to hit” This is what happens when
    an atmosphere of bigotry exists for to long in a country, and these
    degenerates are going to take your country down more than any Mexicans and
    Muslims will like these people like to claim. I just hope that Canadians
    never get the mental disease that trump supporters have in them, but our
    countries are so close that sometimes I fear it.

  3. MovieGuy808 says:

    Obama is the coolest. Miss him already.

  4. J K says:

    PFFFFFFF. I just wanna wake up on Wednesday and hear the good news. That
    the bigoted racist lost and that sanity is restored again.

  5. Rod L says:

    Does Trump even know how to read?

  6. Kris S says:

    This closer look somehow makes Trump seems sane in comparison to the people
    he surrounds himself with. So weird. Somebody actually believes that police
    chases Clinton in a white bronco and musket is not a gun. What is going on?

  7. Brainstormer623 says:

    First “Jaws” and now “Driving Miss Daisy”. These Republicans need to stop
    making analogies based off of old movies they’ve most likely haven’t even

  8. fidorover says:

    “Stay on point, Donald. Stay on point. Whatever you do, do *not* comment on
    the hotness of that 15-year-old in the 3rd row. Save that for the spank
    bank. And whatever you do, *don’t* let the crowd know that you’re now
    terrified at the very real possibility of actually being president. So
    terrified that you were balled up in a linen closet late last night, in the
    fetal position, sucking your thumb, but still tweeting nonetheless. Stay on
    point, Donald. Stay on point.”
    — *Donald Trump*

  9. Lipstick Nista says:


  10. juan “wgjung” gomez says:

    The “country before party” guys.

  11. Kyle Lin says:

    i am not american, but why do I feel your GOP always play dirty?
    Is it true, or I am bias?

  12. Jim Doe says:

    Apparently, it’s not just Von Clownstick and his immediate supporters we
    need to worry about … The GOP at large has been infected by the zombie
    virus too.

  13. Lego Insomniac says:

    George Washington hated the idea of partisan politics. He warned that
    parties would result in politicians serving their party instead of the
    people. Republicans claim to love the constitution and ask frequently what
    the founding fathers would think. Pretty sure George would have a thing or
    two to say to the GOP.

  14. Jane Ryan says:

    So in 4 years when everyone is saying, “WOW Hillary was such a useless
    President, she didn’t get anything done!” …remember this promise from the
    Republicans. They’re going to prevent her from accomplishing anything.

  15. nonnanevrotica says:

    Ted Cruz is a pathological loser.

  16. Beckah Mataronas says:

    I’m going to miss Obama as a president. He’s so quirky

  17. drew shafer says:

    I hate when our govt decides to not be productive because they don’t like

  18. Rafael Q. says:

    trump has sex with his daughter, and i know he won’t sue me because he
    can’t read this

  19. Sam Salem says:

    So, can someone tell me why half our country is full of racist, bigoted,

  20. gmn545 says:

    GOP = POC (Party Over Country)