GOP Unveils Tax Plan, Trump Lashes Out After Terror Attack: A Closer Look

GOP Unveils Tax Plan, Trump Lashes Out After Terror Attack: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at how an increasingly authoritarian-sounding Trump is flailing as Republicans squabble over his signature piece of legislation, his tax cut plan.
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GOP Unveils Tax Plan, Trump Lashes Out After Terror Attack: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Blacklily Orchard says:

    If you can’t read, you should not be president.

  2. aisey100 says:

    In a country of 330 million people, Trump is President, representative of one of the biggest countries on earth. I still just can’t fathom this. He can’t even speak properly. He doesn’t know ANYTHING AT ALL. How much longer can this go on for?

  3. John doey says:

    Taxes are high because of your elected officials you voted for

  4. gabe fimbres says:

    Proof of trumps knowledge of all the big words he knows them all

  5. Michael Bryan says:

    Every time Don the Con opens his piehole he sounds like a totally clueless moron. Oh wait, he is a totally clueless moron.

  6. Brian Carlsen says:

    shite, I am starting to feel actual pain when I hear that shitbird talk. And just to be clear, that is hyperbole.

  7. Christine Lawless says:

    The first five seconds the pencil is rolling on the desk and abruptly stops. Then Seth stumbles on his words. I’ll bet my life that a ghost lives under Seth’s desk!

  8. Kris Lahti says:

    CUT CUT CUT ACT. A new Rob Zombie film?

  9. chetopuffs says:

    I don’t think you should make fun of people that can’t read.

  10. Nick Galicz says:

    tRump was not there at any birth for any of his children from any of his wives. He waited till Ivanka was old enough , 13 or so, to get wood over…the rest he basically ignored until they were “adults” tRump cares about NO ONE but himself.

  11. Diane Owen says:

    See Kushner in the background. Not a happy man.

  12. Jan Michael Vincent says:

    You know House of Cards is being cancelled due to the allegations against Kevin Spacey. A made up character in a television show who plays the president is being held to higher standards regarding sexual assault than the actual president. The actual president. What is wrong with this country.

  13. Hedge OWL says:

    largest tax cut. for trump and only trump.

  14. HeWhoWatchesYouShower says:

    Would trump be able to speak if you tie his hands?

  15. TheViewFromUpHere says:

    OMG! Your senile grand Dad is on TV.

  16. Kamala Williams says:

    i think im going to apply for a coma study, somebody wake me up when this orange turd is out of office

  17. Robbie Rotten says:

    I ain’t getting into this I’m too busy finding the easiest way to kill myself before The North Korean fuckers do it for us.

  18. Zach S says:

    Seth Meyers needs his ass kicked. How about be funny instead of lecturing us you friggin butthole

  19. jdluntjr76226 says:

    Why shouldn’t Trump lash out. Every time he tries to do something which is clearly within the right of the Executive Branch – to stop terrorism within the United States – the liberal idiots keep trying to stop it. Fight on President Trump

  20. GREY Wolf says:

    Trump is the reason they have instructions on shampoo bottles.

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