GoPro: Grizzly Bear Slap

GoPro: Grizzly Bear Slap

Naturalist, Brad Josephs, has a close encounter with a Grizzly Bear in Alaska.

Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from ‪

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20 Responses

  1. Matt Nelson says:

    question..did you use any sort of manipulation including frame skipping on
    this. The very end when picking up the camera seems normal but the attack
    seemed edited in post. please let me know. Not saying it isnt real. just
    need to understand how the camera works.

  2. Nikki Roessler says:

    In da face! Ka-psh! ;3

  3. Raven-Tyler DA says:

    I love bears

  4. John Oneforall says:

    there was a piture of Donald Trump on top of the camera

  5. Susi Susiana says:

    Susi Susiana

  6. Sweet Heart says:

    That felt scary. lol

  7. ふぁすなぁー(Hwasuna) says:


  8. Davidson Harly says:

    That is one big Teddy.

  9. Kevin says:

    annoying song! sounds like a car alarm!

  10. MehdiNPartDeux says:

    Damn that’s clear!

  11. HerpDerpMapleSerp ' says:

    we just got rekt guys

  12. jx14aby says:

    That’s a little one.

  13. tostoday says:

    I couldn’t bear to watch this…

  14. Steven Samuel says:

    Can someone format this to 3D?

  15. Aaron Dinh says:

    I came here to watch a 0:57 second video only to end up with a 1:00 minute
    add ._.

  16. Mack Drag says:

    I flinch EVERYTIME!

  17. Trebuh Nabruh (Hurban) says:

    this guy must have balls big like these bears lol

  18. sebastian vittel says:

    I think he doesn’t like go pro

  19. Elisa Watson says:


  20. Gabriel Traveler says:

    Wait, so there was a guy right behind the camera when this happened?