Gordon Ramsay Enters A Cooking Challenge | Gordon’s Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay Enters A Cooking Challenge | Gordon’s Great Escape

As Gordon’s trip in Malaysia comes towards an end, he enters a cooking competition to showcase whats he’s learned.

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92 Responses

  1. Tails is disappointed in your recent decisions says:

    Hmm. I wonder if Gordon would win a competition against Chef Mike?

  2. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    The only way the other chefs can defeat Gordon is with lamb sauce


    Ramsay should enter a cleaning challenge against Nino, or a baking challenge against Amy

    • Miguel retrospec says:

      Amy did know how to bake pastry though … Not pizzas however ..

    • Gavin Garcia Parrott says:

      Don’t forget about a violin battle against Ling Ling

    • Patty Lanenga says:

      Amy NEVER baked any of the desserts shown on Kitchen Nightmares. She was found out and later admitted that they purchased everything from another bakery. Once a fraud always a fraud, crazy fraud!

    • Liam Hills says:

      Bet he cant beat me at incompetance, im the best among my peers, thinking of competing nationally. A little ambicious, but i might go represent my country internationally if i win!

    • Roque Ruiz says:


  4. Andyjoseph8 says:

    All I have to say is awesome job to Gordon Ramsay for taking on the challenge of cooking and learning new things in Malaysia!!

    • Savion Smith says:

      Andyjoseph8 for all the praise he gets he’s not arrogant at all. Marks if a good chef and good personality

  5. rdfffgth1 says:

    Gordon : I’ll be watching you very closely
    Woman : *raises eyebrow*

  6. Aryaman .C says:

    Gordon: * explaining *
    Cameraman: Lets show the bored bus passengers.

  7. some dumbass says:

    gordon looking like a white girl getting her first pumpkin spice latte in the thumbnail

  8. Arwen Baranda says:

    Chef gordon: what’s the secret
    No. 1 chef: I have a lamb sauce

  9. Hendrix Anderson says:

    “It’s like breastfeeding 5 babies at the same time.”

  10. D T says:

    “I’m not blaming my tools…but I am”

  11. Dusty G says:

    Second place is a pretty respectful position can’t go wrong with that

  12. yo Alex says:

    1:42 look at her face ? she genuinely got freaked out lmao

  13. -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction says:

    When gordon looks nervous, you know its going down

    best of luck gordon

  14. Ricado Santos says:

    by sacred law, that woman now owns every restaurant previously owned by Gordon Ramsey

  15. HONKY SAVAGE says:

    So gordon, rule number 1 with rice cooker NEVER open early or check the rice. Temperature will crash instantly. Rice WILL be mushy.

    • Isabella Chan says:

      +Philip Novak Ignorant gwailo

    • Ash Ketchup says:

      HangGlideTube what do you mean by “people in the US”? I know dozens of Asian families who live in the US, and they eat lots of rice

    • Alexander Christopher says:

      +Ash Ketchup I think it meant most families in the US as in most white families. I know a lot of white families who don’t like white rice because they’re not used to it. Asians are minority in America.

    • Savion Smith says:

      Muhd Farhat Luke everyone else who doesn’t have a rice cooker cooks rice

    • JAC K says:

      +- Grumpygold different kind of rice produces different tastes. The secret to cooking rice is on the amount of water not the appliances.

  16. ๖Rainforce says:

    Gordon: I’ll be watching you very closely, ya?

    Chef: Ooh, yes.
    That face at 1:43.

    No words, none.

  17. S550 Danny says:

    Gordon Ramsay won the national chef of the year in 1992.

  18. Smriti_ kshetri says:

    Those eyes were just about to pop in the food… or was she just clicking picture of the foods

  19. TSM_Cookie 21 says:

    Gordon : I never used an rice cooker before

  20. Jamie McLaughlin says:

    Gordon: is the ice fresh

    Waiter: it’s frozen

    Gordon: F U C K M E

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