Gordon Ramsay fought for waiters tips

Gordon Ramsay fought for waiters tips

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  1. dyscea says:

    If they are getting paid prior wages and you don’t want them accepting tips, then let them go. Don’t take their tips. That’s like grandma giving me birthday money and my parents intercepting it for themselves. That’s was intended for me only!

  2. Saber Tooth says:

    Ramsey has his priorities straight. Massive respect for the man

  3. DigitalHarmony says:

    Absolutely just as important. Waitstaff keep everything running. Most people wouldn’t tip at all if they knew their waiter wasn’t going to see any of it. It’s upsetting.

  4. Ok_Friend2233 says:

    My boss doesn’t keep our tips but instead spilt the tips between all of us because of we all take turn waiting and serving people.

    • Ok_Friend2233 says:

      @Lola I like it, it make everyone feel equal and no one works harder than the other and we all get paid hourly also so it’s not like anyone gets cheated out of money

    • Lola says:

      that’s… not a good thing

    • OtterThanMost says:

      @Hinteo — i do. I work harder than most people and I’m good at what I do. I don’t want some lazy fuck making as much as me.

    • Ok_Friend2233 says:

      @Ali Oop if we had people who only waited then it would probably be the same like instead of everyone being even like the cooks would get 3 dollars and the waiters would get 10 type thing

    • Ali Oop says:

      When my sister was a waitress the wait staff would pool a percentage of their tips and share with the busboys and cooks

  5. Rj Chavers says:

    As someone that worked in restaurants for years, I’ve always liked how he treats the wait staff.

  6. Shelley Dawson says:

    I’ll never forget Amy’s Baking Company. Talented lady who shouldn’t ever have gone into business.

    • youtoob4life says:

      Yeah, that episode was freaking insane. It was such a weird relationship between the two, like separately they might’ve been okay, but together, they brought out the literal worst in each other. The guy seemed open to change, but once his wife throws a tantrum, he does a 180 and becomes a steaming pile of shit. They honestly deserved the hate they got and to get closed down, some of the scummiest people I’ve seen on TV.

    • Junior Writer says:

      @Triumph the Insult Comic Dog oh really? Damn well there goes the credibility

    • Tad Yoshi says:

      They got busted for not making any of the food. Just buying it and replating it as their own.

    • Triumph the Insult Comic Dog says:

      She didnt make the desserts. They were bought and put out like they made em. Maybe not all but most.

    • Junior Writer says:

      She made good deserts but I don’t think she made good pizza as much ;;. The way they treated costumers was also a huge yikes
      Edit: spelling

  7. Prisci Mejia says:

    I remember Robert Dean in Hotel Hell. It’s actually hilarious because in that scene, Ramsey asks him to call his friends who stayed and ask why they didn’t tip. The friends all answered they gave the money to HIM to give to THEM. He dug his own grave. My dad and I were laughing and at the same time pissed off at him.

  8. Throat Punch says:

    I bet it would shock us to know how many restaurants are doing this to people

  9. Mr. Midnight says:

    Waited at a restaurant in iowa and they would take 25% of my tips.

  10. Draco Malfoy says:

    the second example, the wife ended up firing a waitress (it can be argued that she quit, it was in a big argument) because amy asked a question and the waitress answered it 😐

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