Gordon Ramsay Gets A HUGE Surprise For His 50th Birthday

Gordon Ramsay Gets A HUGE Surprise For His 50th Birthday

Gordon Ramsay’s family surprise him for his 50th birthday.

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61 Responses

  1. Dylan Oldfield says:

    *the* portion sizes *are so small it triggers me* who else notices this

    • Islam Is Satan's Masterpiece says:

      It’s called fine dining

    • Zak Saturday says:

      To be fair it’s small portions typically because they have lots of courses. In this case, obviously, not so much.

    • Ratonhnhaké:ton says:

      Small portions so u can get a better feel of the food. Simple delicacies on small platters is more enjoyable but less means less that the food starts going bland or tasting boring. Like we all love big bowls of soup, but if a class chef made soup, it would be the smallest of portions so those simple spoon fulls will reflext more flavor that will give you a burst of flavor, and when the next dish comes in(small ofc) you can keep tasting rather then consuming, its more about flavors rather then over eating or thinking only about giant portions

    • La Barone says:

      +Jeff Moss Ahhh, poor widdle Jeffwey. Can’t afford to eat pwoper food?

    • lui reeves says:

      Dylan Oldfield your profile pic is killing me😂😂

  2. Lunny C says:

    tf is up with her voice in the background

  3. Joshua Powell says:

    I’m being talked to like a 12 year old from a 12 year old. Dreadul.

  4. Life Is Boring says:

    Gordan’s daughter sound like a Disney voice actor

  5. Beasty says:

    I thought I escaped commentary like that when I stopped watching CBeebies

  6. Filip Ivan says:

    Most irritating voice over on youtube….

  7. Hugh Graham says:

    Can she stop shouting please

  8. The Ginger Pig says:

    What a cringey irritating child, her voice makes me angry inside

  9. lillmango says:

    I swear to god tilly, this voice is not cute

    • Kathy Bates says:

      lillmango she’s a KID

    • souhail rahali says:

      AND THAT IS THE REASON SHE SHOULDNT BE NARRATING, why not let a proffesional do the job? heck at least let an ADULT narrate, why not even gordon? i dont know about you but she should get kicked off the stage here, she’s good at cooking, but not as good as she claims to be (i mean seriously she thinks she cooks better that a fifty year old man who has bean cooking most of his life) but still she doesn’t know how to narrate.

  10. Dark says:

    Gordon judging his kids own food lmao

  11. Hammad Ali says:

    I was expecting Nino for the HUGE surprise. Rather disappointed.

  12. Wp Plus says:



    ” IT’S RAW!”


  13. Goobody Giberson says:

    Is the surprise the long lost lamb sauce?

  14. Billy says:

    I would have laughed if he said “it’s raw” for joking reasons

  15. ADaddyEdits Edits says:

    Pls pls pls pls pls stop letting Matilda narrate 😭😭🙏

  16. Jack Doherty says:

    Remind me to never watch a vid with her daughters voice ever again lmao🤣

  17. Crash Twindicoot says:

    The suspicious amount of cyber-bullying in the comments is so disgusting…

  18. hi itsme says:

    *Fake taxi.* FAMILY EDITION

  19. sean b says:

    Thought this was fake taxi

  20. Ruo Hsuan Hung says:


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