Gordon Ramsay is Served 3 AWFUL Lobster Rolls | Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay is Served 3 AWFUL Lobster Rolls | Kitchen Nightmares

THREE ROLLS. And they all sucked.
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20 Responses

  1. UnPhayzable says:

    “We get most of our recipes from Maine”
    Maine? You mean the *Maine* page of Wikipedia?

  2. CongBob says:

    if you wanna taste some real food, go to China.

  3. Sean R says:

    Shit the waiter is really hot 😍

  4. Supreme style says:

    Where can I find full episode and whats the episode number ?

  5. Almost Exactly Politely Frank says:

    1:46 Gordon says “fuck me”, Steven appears immediately afterwards

  6. Kyler Janovec says:

    How can you tAste foods when you have not cleared your mouth of the last taste

  7. Kevin Kwok says:

    Are they bringing this show back? Why are they uploading all these old videos

  8. 9th wonder says:

    I guess they are not gonna cook anymore

  9. Camelot Aquarius says:

    Theater for the completely dumb down brain-dead chimps

  10. Bee Bri says:

    LMAOOO I LOVE RAMSEY!! Will definitely be adding food review videos to my channel haha

  11. Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel says:

    Imagine if the chef knew Gordon Ramsey is going to eat the food and they make it nasty on purpose just to get free restaurant make over.

  12. Julian Salazar says:

    Steven is the type of guy who shows up to the party uninvited

  13. The Manager says:

    Gordon: Ok, I’m going tuck into my mac and cheese and lobster.

    Owner: Ok, thank you.

  14. Guy17 says:

    If someone would humiliate me like that I would punch him straight into the face, no matter he’s gordon ramsay or any other fucking idiot

  15. CaramelTeaVA says:

    Steven Squad? Not enough NINO for me, thanks.

  16. Richard Herzog says:

    Brandon the waiter is great

  17. YayYaysCorner says:

    Youtuber almost at 13k subscribers. I️ make natural hair & fashion vids

  18. Maryssa H says:

    I didn’t know Gordon lived in Maine for 3 months wtfff

  19. tinaloveseddie says:

    That owner is a dick….. a tiny one!!! The food looked like shit… and the soup was basically clam water!

  20. kihlos says:

    Wow I can’t believe they served those lobster ro… NINOOOOOOO!

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