Gordon Ramsay Judges Steaks Cooked By NBA Legends Shawn Marion & Caron Butler! | Raising the Steaks

Gordon Ramsay Judges Steaks Cooked By NBA Legends Shawn Marion & Caron Butler! | Raising the Steaks

With a little help from Jamie Redknapp and the Savoy Hotel in London, Gordon surprises ex-NBA stars Shawn Marion and Caron Butler to judge their attempts at a perfectly cooked steak. Who will be victorious!?

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91 Responses

  1. I am Obviously a Unicorn says:

    I bed Gordon can’t go one day without swearing

    Imma like my own comment coz no one else will?

    Thanks for all the likes (I’ve never gotten over 100!!)

  2. Miguel Ibarra says:

    Nino would’ve cooked those steaks to perfection

  3. DiR3ktorTV says:

    Am I the only one who wants to eat something while watching cooking videos?

  4. Beyond Tubular says:

    *_Owo Gordon judging other guys meats_*

  5. ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij says:

    should’ve judged his jump shot

  6. Abraham Lincoln says:

    Who else likes his stone island jacket… only few people would know

  7. Friendship says:

    *_Nino has more skills in basketball than every NBA players ever._*

  8. Tri Monster says:

    Anyone else recognise the chef from hells kitchen?

  9. Melon. says:

    Whats gordons favourite chemical composition?

    Nickel-Nobelium (Ni-No)

  10. Mopsocks ? says:

    Is Gordon ramsay going to react to the instagram egg
    And make his own?

  11. Justin Y. says:

    “It’s fookin raw”

  12. rneustel says:

    Who else would bet they practiced that butter basting ahead of time?

  13. Kim Jong-un says:

    No Lebron James….
    *Sprite Cranberry has left the chat*

  14. Cian O' Sullivan says:

    Nobody was ready for the Stone Island clobber

  15. EXPOSER says:

    Why is Gordon Ramsey as pink as the middle of the steak?

  16. Stephen Curry says:

    Damn.Why didn’t you invite me?

  17. Ashton Montanez says:

    Gordon actually hated the steaks but was afraid to yell because they are giants

  18. hswonderX says:

    1:04 My man was surprised the chef laughed that much at his joke

  19. Tussy 33 says:

    Ramsey rocking that stone island in case he needs to spark someone out in the kitchen

  20. kalamala says:

    Damn, Ramsey flexing on us with that stone island!

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