Gordon Ramsay Judges Steaks Cooked By NBA Legends Shawn Marion & Caron Butler! | Raising the Steaks

Gordon Ramsay Judges Steaks Cooked By NBA Legends Shawn Marion & Caron Butler! | Raising the Steaks

With a little help from Jamie Redknapp and the Savoy Hotel in London, Gordon surprises ex-NBA stars Shawn Marion and Caron Butler to judge their attempts at a perfectly cooked steak. Who will be victorious!?

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91 Responses

  1. I am Obviously a Unicorn says:

    I bed Gordon can’t go one day without swearing

    Imma like my own comment coz no one else will🤣

    Thanks for all the likes (I’ve never gotten over 100!!)

  2. Miguel Ibarra says:

    Nino would’ve cooked those steaks to perfection

  3. DiR3ktorTV says:

    Am I the only one who wants to eat something while watching cooking videos?

  4. Beyond Tubular says:

    *_Owo Gordon judging other guys meats_*

  5. ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij says:

    should’ve judged his jump shot

  6. Abraham Lincoln says:

    Who else likes his stone island jacket… only few people would know

  7. Friendship says:

    *_Nino has more skills in basketball than every NBA players ever._*

  8. Tri Monster says:

    Anyone else recognise the chef from hells kitchen?

  9. Melon. says:

    Whats gordons favourite chemical composition?

    Nickel-Nobelium (Ni-No)

  10. Mopsocks ? says:

    Is Gordon ramsay going to react to the instagram egg
    And make his own?

  11. Justin Y. says:

    “It’s fookin raw”

  12. rneustel says:

    Who else would bet they practiced that butter basting ahead of time?

  13. Kim Jong-un says:

    No Lebron James….
    *Sprite Cranberry has left the chat*

  14. Cian O' Sullivan says:

    Nobody was ready for the Stone Island clobber

  15. EXPOSER says:

    Why is Gordon Ramsey as pink as the middle of the steak?

  16. Stephen Curry says:

    Damn.Why didn’t you invite me?

  17. Ashton Montanez says:

    Gordon actually hated the steaks but was afraid to yell because they are giants

  18. hswonderX says:

    1:04 My man was surprised the chef laughed that much at his joke

  19. Tussy 33 says:

    Ramsey rocking that stone island in case he needs to spark someone out in the kitchen

  20. kalamala says:

    Damn, Ramsey flexing on us with that stone island!

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