Gordon Ramsay Makes Alpaca Scrambled Eggs in Peru | Scrambled

Gordon Ramsay Makes Alpaca Scrambled Eggs in Peru | Scrambled

Gordon is going an amazing culinary adventure on his new National Geographic Channel series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. The series begins July 21st at 10/9c and every week he’s sharing behind the scenes Scrambled recipes from around the world. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll see!

And for more details on Uncharted visit here: http://natgeo.com/uncharted

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52 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Padilla says:

    Me encanta que un verdadero chef esté en el hermano país Perú ?

  2. Frosty Wolf says:

    Sees title
    Me an intellectual: Alpacas dont lay eggs

  3. DroneTube says:

    Who else thought it was alpaca eggs and then realized they don’t lay eggs

  4. Paolo Garganera says:

    When gordon says it’s hot, it is really hot. Hahaha remember when he try to lay food on the pan with bare hands?

  5. Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler says:

    Petition for Gordon Ramsay to cook lunch for all the homies at Area 51

  6. EvilblackmajiK says:

    “There it goes, now she’s coming together…. Ahh shit” Lol Gordon Ramsay please DON’T EVER CHANGE!! ?

  7. Paolo Garganera says:

    Solid fans out there!

  8. Echo 419 says:

    Gordon: “He made it with the most amazing alpaca brains”……………
    (blinks twice) what ? ? ?

  9. Missy Bradley says:

    I love how Gordon Ramsay’s every other word is “shit”. Lol. Live for it.

  10. Cristian Zumelzu says:

    There are not FARMERS jaajajaj, the are just people to come to this common area some day… xD

  11. Bryan Iligan says:

    I read that title as,Gordon Ramsay makes Alpha Scrambled Eggs.


  12. Kab Loom says:

    I like how the farmers are like “Who’s this random man cooking eggs over there”

  13. SlipUp says:

    Before 10M Subs: intense music and cooking
    After 10M Subs: “Hi guys it’s Gordon” with some chill music and cooking

  14. Relph says:

    Me reading the title: But alpacas don’t make eggs…

    Me 10 seconds later: oh for god sake

  15. big nibba says:

    Idk how I feel about how I questioned if alpacas laid eggs

  16. Angel Paz says:

    The locals: Miren ah este pendejo asiendo un huevo ?

    Us : “ Amazing “ ???

  17. Ground Pulser says:

    I thought he was making scramble eggs for the alpacas



    Ramsay: *making homemade ice cream in Antarctica*

  19. Henry Flower says:

    *gordon is putting flowers on the scrambled eggs 3.5 thousand meters dying to feel how it tastes*

  20. Brock Jones says:

    If Gordon saw me make scrambled eggs he would literally crucify me??

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