Gordon Ramsay Prepares & Cooks His Vietnamese Menu For Locals | Gordon’s Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay Prepares & Cooks His Vietnamese Menu For Locals | Gordon’s Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay’s trip to Vietnam comes to an end as he has demonstrated everything he’s learned throughout his trip in a menu.

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97 Responses

  1. Spongebob SquarePants says:

    Nino would of made a Vietnamese meal fit for the Gods

  2. Michael Jay - Value Investing says:

    People who actually dislike Ramsay’s food exist?

  3. Lfo Mod says:

    mr Rice and mrs Duck? for real?

    • madam_ember says:

      It’s common for Americans to call them by these nicknames. But names like Quan, Khoa, etc., is a Vietnamese way of American names. don’t go around questioning people’s names. next you can ask people instead of “for real?”

    • N Q H says:

      Vietnamese names are based on Chinese Characters. Khoa = 夸 (goodness), Quân = 君 (man/king) or 軍 (army), so they have meanings actually. It’s a shame though that not many Vietnamese nowadays care about that anymore.

    • Hersa37 says:

      +Robert Hunter Taylor, Smith, Cook, Booker, Turner, Tatcher, Wright, Potter, Carter, Page. I’m pretty sure that English names has got that “occupation-based names” already ongoing for a long time

      We’ll just see if we see Accountant, Welder, or any other more modern jobs become names sometime in the future

    • Thanh Huyền 2k8 says:

      +w a n k e r b o y e yeah its really common its the name my uncle has

    • ryvr madduck says:

      Their love child is little Loveyoulontine.

  4. Beyond Tubular says:

    *_Cook and prepare me daddy Gordon uwu~_*

  5. Gandalf The White says:

    Gordon still get vietnam flashbacks but good one

  6. Load¡ng says:


  7. Good Afternoon says:

    Definitely had a Vietnam Flashback of himself falling off that chair…

  8. Mike Moreno says:

    His secret is his sweat? 2:30

  9. Flyn says:

    Sweat dripping off his nose into the bowl he was mixing, lovely.

  10. FOOD by Lyds says:

    Only Gordon Ramsay can prepare pig seven ways in one shot ? and impress the guests! ?

  11. Kim Jong-un says:

    They were waiting for half an hour? You could say they were very HANOI’d.

  12. A Box of Chublets says:

    I love that even though you’re a huge celebrity now, you still won’t back down from challenging yourself without a safety net. You’re the man, Gordon!

  13. Sheanner Navarro says:

    Mr rice: Oh yeah

  14. AmphyTheGreat says:

    Even Gordon Ramsay has more to learn. It’s interesting to see that.

  15. simbadg13 says:

    “British soldier cooks meal for Vietnamese locals.”
    Operation masterdom 1945 (colorized)

  16. SperberMeister says:

    nice to see gordon struggle. makes him human

  17. Eric Song says:

    When Gordon was explaining what they were about to do the dude in the black suit was going insane wtf ?

  18. Vanaiser says:

    Saw this on my youtube homepage and the shortened title was: “Gordon Ramsay Prepares & Cooks His Vietnamese Men”. Gave me a little chuckle I must admit.

  19. StarSilverInfinity says:

    “Crispy, crunchy, cheewy, and silky” – mmmm

  20. RohitVinay Art Channel says:

    Gordon Ramsey is just amazing, what a talent.

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