Gordon Ramsay Teaches Lil Nas X How To Make A Panini

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Lil Nas X How To Make A Panini

Earlier this week Gordon and Hip-Hop Sensation Lil Nas X finally turned Twitter chatter into reality at his Lucky Cat Restaurant in London. Gordon taught the Old Town Road Star how to finally make a Panini with Asian ingredients.

For more information on Lucky Cat: https://www.gordonramsayrestaurants.com/lucky-cat

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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54 Responses

  1. Hrhrh D,xkkxkxkx says:

    After this:
    Gordon Ramsay Teaches The Migos How to Purify Water

  2. The Egg Of Truth says:

    Gordon Ramsay teaches your mom how to make GOOD spaghetti

  3. Krizzly says:

    Next Video:

    Gordon Ramsey teaches Lil Uzi how to release an album

  4. rhodes1986 says:

    Takes bite

  5. egghead says:

    Billy Ray Cyrus: My collab with Lil Nas X is the greatest of all time

    Gordon: Hold my panini

  6. Dragon Breath says:

    Next up: *Gordon Ramsay Teaches Lil Pump How To Make Lean*

  7. The Pack Is Back says:

    How can you not smile at the end of this?
    They got there!

  8. aya soussi says:

    me: i’m gonna sleep at a reasonable time today

    *also me:*

  9. Seth Tseng says:

    Up next Lil’nas teaches Gordon Ramsay how to ride on his tractor

  10. Jawunleashed says:

    I need Gordon Ramsay to try and make the best Cooked Chicken on Minecraft next.


  11. Trapp Crall says:

    Next: Gordon Ramsay teaches Morgz to make original content. ft: Mr.Beast.

  12. Trapp Crall says:

    Next:Gordon Ramsay teaches how to make steroids with Russians.

  13. Illmatic. says:

    Gordon: “I’ll have the top, you can have the bottom.”
    Lil Nas X: ???

  14. Loop Is Dedz says:

    Next Video:

    *Lil Nas X Teaches Gordon Ramsay How To Make A Song*

  15. Anthony Obiedo says:

    Next episode:

    Gordon teaches Ice Cube how to make Ice T

  16. L.O.V. GAMEGOD says:

    “im going to have the top,
    you can have the bottom…” – Gordon ramsey, silent troll.

  17. piggy cuber says:

    Next episode:
    Gordon teaches Migos how to cook up dough with an uzi

  18. Caster Caster says:

    After This
    Gordon Ramsay Teaches Lil Pump To Read

  19. djjazzyjeff123 says:

    Gordon Ramsay: *washes hands* “This F*cking water is raw!”

  20. Abigail Lacroix says:

    No one:
    Gordon Ramsay: Panini, don’t be a ******* meanie

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