Gordon Ramsay’s Pork Butt Sliders

Gordon Ramsay’s Pork Butt Sliders

Gordon is official Chef for the Daytona 500 and is here with his Pork Slider Recipe for Sunday! Get the #DaytonaDay recipes here: http://foxsports.com/daytonaday & watch this Sun. at 1pm ET on FOX!

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20 Responses

  1. Dameonb16 says:

    Next video can you take off your shirt?

  2. Lori Capo says:

    I’m a simple man, i see butt, i click.

  3. Philip Skeen says:

    His face looks fat, but the is super jacked.

  4. Woodie Wu says:

    holy shit, Gordons getting jacked

  5. The Cool Gamer rx says:

    Why does he look fat?

  6. VOLC4NICxSP4RK says:

    Damn he’s buff

  7. Cherry the Skrublord says:

    *screams* I have the same cutting board as dad!

  8. Jamel Moore says:

    Why am I, a non-pork eater, watching this? Because it’s Gordon Ramsay! This man can make fried roaches look appetizing! 🙂

  9. Keteh says:

    I love how no one is taking about the food in the comments.

  10. Destiny Terrell says:

    1:13 that noise ??

  11. Michael Migliore says:


  12. Nickytine says:

    Pork Butt?
    Sounds like a meal for a mutt, and
    I think I’ll watch another tut, cus
    This one just wouldn’t cut

  13. ASMR JUNKIE says:

    To the person looking for the Nino comment:

    This isn’t the channel for that!!!!!

  14. ThisOffendsMeTV says:

    somebody is using his shake weights. For fucks sake you buff anal bead you

  15. Mason Kim says:

    What happened to his hair?

  16. Lambo KING says:

    my shit is better thn this shit.

  17. kok chooi says:

    gordon can you please tenderize my meat?

  18. jhunt6666 says:

    So… Is this a pigs ass?

  19. MiMiC says:

    Oh yeah rub that pork butt keep rubbing it… ooh yes oil that baby up. lol wtf am I doing with my life.

  20. The Skittles says:

    sounds like a sex move

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