Gordon Ramsay’s Pork Chop Looks Like A Map Of The USA | Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay’s Pork Chop Looks Like A Map Of The USA | Kitchen Nightmares

Seeing an exercise bike in a restaurant is never a good sign.

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96 Responses

  1. _Bob McCoy says:

    *_Nino would never serve a Map of the USA_*

  2. Corn says:

    Who else thought that was toast in the thumbnail

  3. TashaTheChicagoan says:

    That pork chop can stand on its own.

  4. Yakunin Redeemer says:

    You can make sweet tea without pouring the entire damn bag of sugar inside of the tea lmao

  5. biggybtoussaint says:

    Gordon: Well do y’all at least have WATER??

    No, we don’t have that either!!!

    • Centauri A Gaming says:

      Waiter: Would you like some water?
      Gordon: Yes please
      Waiter: Alright sir, it’ll be 30 minutes.
      Gordon: What the F**K? Serving water only takes about a minute, not 30 minutes!
      Waiter: Our chefs puts them I’m the oven to kill all the bacteria in the water.
      Gordon: F**K me. F**k off fly.

    • Lewis Bulled says:

      “Well what DO you have then!?”
      “Uhh… we got a freezer!”

    • Zack Colbourne says:

      Gordon Ramsay definitely needs to work “y’all” into his vocabulary.

    • lucka bolnar says:

      *gets served water*
      IT’S DRY

    • Eddie Tanurkov - Tomken Road MS (1153) says:

      What do you guys have that isn’t microwaved?
      The salad (water)
      Well you don’t microwave a f***ing salad (water)!

  6. Alter Egos says:

    “How could anyone mishandle bread!”

  7. xXGhoulishNinjaTurtleXx says:

    Anyone noticed that every shot of Jean we had when she ranted about the flat bun, her hair gets messier?

  8. Samuel May says:

    “can I get the n…”
    “maybe the to..”
    “what about th..”
    “we don’t have that”
    “ok.. Ill take the…”

  9. Steven D says:

    I just don’t understand why people are so defensive when they invite him to come and fix their problems.

  10. Anik Kundu says:

    From the thumbnail, it’s seems like a rotten Apple logo without a leaf…

  11. Hugo Santosa says:

    oh yes he does know good soul food, thanks to mama cheryll

  12. I honestly couldn't care less tbh says:

    Food that British eat?

    *there is only tea*

  13. Prost!Stuttgart says:

    “ Fck off fly” ….. Gordon Ramsay 2018?

  14. Rohan Sarangdhar says:

    Even the fly couldn’t escape Gordon Ramsay’s wrath

  15. Emily Calles says:

    “Even the flies are no longer interested” damn Gordon really out here roasting

  16. XOLD says:

    Well atleast we now know that gordon knows *GEOGRAPHY*

  17. ComplexLegend says:

    “My gosh, I’m so underpaid”

    Me 30 minutes into my job

  18. BF Network says:

    You know a restaurant is bad when over half the menu is unavailable.

  19. MaybeSo MaybeNot says:

    I once quit a restaurant that constantly used the “YES CHEF” “NO CHEF” terminology… Yet microwaved the Mac n’Cheese.
    I can’t handle pretend kitchens.

  20. AvariceUntied says:

    He doesn’t know soul food yet in the first season of UK Kitchen Nightmares he visited a soul food restaurant (Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack in Brighton) and it is one of the few examples where he liked the food from the start.

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