Gorillaz App (Trailer)

Gorillaz App (Trailer)

Step inside the hallowed halls of the Gorillaz house…

Available to download now
Apple: http://gorill.az/iPhoneapp
Android: http://gorill.az/androidapp

Powered by Telekom Electronic Beats

Art Directed by Jamie Hewlett and Gorillaz
Developed by B-Reel

Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management

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20 Responses

  1. Ben Hardman says:

    Is there gonna be a B A T H?

  2. Jack Dodd says:

    I downloaded it and it never stops loading

  3. jenkem says:

    who remembers the old Kong studios website

  4. ddjufy says:

    T H E A P P

  5. Kiness says:

    500 views, 800 likes, Gorillaz is kinda like god

  6. T H E B A T H says:

    Lmao as I was using the app this was uploaded ?

  7. Christian Stepanek says:

    First, there was new music, then T H E B A T H, then the app?!?!? Gorillaz have come back strong ?

  8. EpicPopoi says:

    The only notification that i care is Gorillaz.

  9. Self Hatred says:

    Can you guys clear something up for me?
    I’ve always been confused about the “phases” of gorillaz. I know that demon days is phase 2, gorillaz (album) is phase 1, and that plastic beach is phase 3, but is the fall phase 3 along with plastic beach, or is it phase 4? Is the new album phase 4, or phase 5?

  10. ratjunk guy says:

    maybe if i get the app i can see murdoc’s ween

  11. Self Hatred says:

    *at a party, loud music playing. Trying to have a conversation with someone*
    Someone: WHAT???
    *music stops*
    *i am set on fire*
    *they defile my corpse*
    *no one comes to my funeral*

  12. Andreslo Leal says:

    Ese momento en el que sacan una app oficial de gorillaz y todos celebran

    y al poco tiempo se dan cuenta que requiere 6.0 de android minimo

  13. TheRolleMattie's says:

    I don’t get it. The app says: Take a look around, but i only see my room!! Or am I doing something wrong!??

  14. ken ti says:

    0:21 did you guys see that sex toy murdoc been getting a lil freaky

  15. UnkindScourge says:

    i wonder if i should make a video of the app but trying to do 2-D’s voice

  16. Vulta _ says:

    this will be D O P E

  17. RottedDollFace says:


  18. Nick_Master_1246 says:


  19. Aissirk LLana says:


  20. Green Cunt says:

    Nobody cares about gorillaz

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