Gorillaz | Episode Three ‘Aries’ | Official Trailer

Gorillaz | Episode Three ‘Aries’ | Official Trailer

Gorillaz present Song Machine | Season One
Episode Three: ‘Aries’ ft. Peter Hook & Georgia
World Premiere 09/04 4pm GMT

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76 Responses

  1. Mr Top Hat says:

    “Cause I feel so isolated without you.” Huh. Perfect timing.

  2. MileyCyrusPartyUSA says:

    Everyone: “2D looks happy. Noodle looks worried. Murdoc is still a pickle”

    Me: “You know, there’s a 4th member in the band. And it’s not Ace or Paula, dammit!”

  3. Rhattatatt says:

    Murdoc rlly risking his safety just so he can have a no homo moment…

  4. Ratchet11511 says:

    Wait a minute,

    Damon and Jamie are both Aries…

  5. Fluffenheim says:

    2D has had his eyes white throughout every song machine episode so far,

  6. DrabbetDraz says:

    “Heya Murdoc how have you been doin?”

    “Oh, nothing, just slowly turning into a greener pickle each year.”

    “Oh okay see ya!”

  7. Potted Plant says:

    This is about to have the most character growth gorillaz has ever seen

  8. Alexzandrama says:

    Are we just gonna ignore that russel is driving a *GOLFCART* on the *HIGHWAY*

  9. Your Uncle Edits says:

    Therapist: Front Facing Murdoc on Thumbnail isn’t real he can’t hurt you.
    Front Facing Murdoc on Thumbnail:

  10. Popsicle McGee says:

    this is a big issue

    2D and Murdoc are not 6 feet away from each other.

  11. Faqih says:

    Momentary bliss: everyone happy
    Désolé: Murdoc kinda depressed
    This one: noodle looks fed up
    Hmm interesting..

  12. The Gruru says:

    Dang, russ is one of those guys who wears literally nothing in snowfall and says “oh this is nothing”

    Also dang noodle is really about to fast and furious her way till she gets 2D back

  13. Charlie Phelan says:

    I like how all the characters be changing and dynamic but Russell has literally just been chillin since 2001

  14. Wubbly says:

    Noodle: “I’m worried bout 2d

    2d: “I’m worried about the stores getting rid of toilet paper”

  15. Valeria Guichard Lz. says:

    2-D: : D
    Murdoc: :, )
    Russel: : |
    Noodle: >:(

  16. TVchernobylface says:

    WAS THAT RUSSEL IN THE BEGINNING? “Aries” lmao his voice it’s so nice to hearrrr

  17. 婊子养的 says:

    Bruh noodle is angry
    I thought I’d never see the day

  18. Josué Naim Zárate Cordero says:

    2D: High as his pants
    Murdoc: Prolly Drunk off his arse
    Noodle: Worried out of her mind (?
    Russel: Sad but Vibin somewhat

  19. ineffable username says:

    murdoc leaning 6 feet away from 2D: “no homo bro”

    either that or social distancing

  20. Zack Fennec says:

    Hey, can we just take a moment to appreciate Russel? Poor ghost boi can’t even compare to the popularity the rest of the band gets. Send some love to our drummer homie 😪

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