Gorillaz – Friday 13th ft. Octavian (Episode Four)

Gorillaz – Friday 13th ft. Octavian (Episode Four)

Gorillaz present Song Machine | Season One
Episode Four: Friday 13th ft. Octavian
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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-Directors: Tim McCourt & Max Taylor
Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
Animation: Venla Linna
Shadow Animation: Eleonora Quario
Clean Up Artists: Setareh Seto, Venla Linna
Compositors: Courtney Pryce, Valerie Guichard
Production Manager: Samia Ahmed
Production Assistant: Laurence Moss

Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management

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74 Responses

  1. Keila Eliana says:

    Russel singing for the first time gives me 100 years more to live.

  2. Darth Malgus says:

    Didn’t like the song at first but the more I listen the more it sounds better.

  3. miA says:

    i love this vibe man. it’s so chill, like i just left the movie theater.

  4. Patoelho says:

    Russel: I don’t talk too much, man
    Me: *crying* Oh man, I understand you

  5. Warre Loenders says:

    This sound like someone who is absolutely defeated and is sick of it all. I love it

  6. Connor Wilson says:

    Liked it, really think it’ll grow on me more than any of the Humanz tracks did too

  7. MustangNinjas says:

    Yeah I don’t know about this one, the beat’s interesting but Octavian sounds really out of place & bad here. Only miss so far in Song Machine

  8. Cuddle Cowie says:

    My theory is:
    Murdoc stabbed 2D with the syringe and so russ started to beat him up while noodle tried to hold him back (good luck) and then murdoc punched russel in the eye and russ punched back but when he did he hit noodle in the eye with his elbow cause she was behind him. I think 2D got upset and tried to break it up after noodle got hurt. then murdoc hurt him again so like all the stuff broke loose
    . On aries cover you can see like what I mean. I think in this video they are all heading to either the hospital or they are going to different places.

    • Cuddle Cowie says:

      @I’mtoogeeky Wtf Possibly, it could be that or they are going just somewhere? not sure as this music video was super blunt and gave us pretty much nothing to go off of except black eyes

    • Luis Guilherme says:

      @Cuddle Cowie but…you know in the machine bitz they sounded very ok with eachother right? So that means that this happend after machine bitz #8

    • I’mtoogeeky Wtf says:

      @Cuddle Cowie yeah i agree

    • Cuddle Cowie says:

      @Luis Guilherme Probably, I feel like the bitz are sorta side things and the actual music videos are more story wise.

    • sunflvr rrr says:

      Sounds legit.

  9. RayxD says:

    I couldnt get that synthesizer out of my head since that Aries-Outro

  10. Christian says:

    I feel like this has a quite deep meaning with every band member with a stoic expression injured and bruised but at the same time I feel like they’re going to explain it with something like “We were on our way to get some chic-fil-a before recording and everything was fine until Murdoc decided to do some Drift tricks”

    • Michael Pap says:

      I hate the explanations they give for the videos, like there’s clearly more going on, we need actual lore…

    • 71 71 says:

      The writing has been shit ass since Gorillaz came back. I just enjoy what’s in the actual art and videos and pay no attention to the stupid comedy writing

    • Steven Kollin says:

      71 71 i think it’s clear murdoc is lying in those explanations and more will be revealed as the song machine episode progress

    • JadeRoseofChaos says:

      God damn it, I want my lore back.

    • Semor664 says:

      I think they want it to be up to interpretation, they want the fans to piece it together instead of being spoon feed the story

  11. leonel Ivan Jarquin says:

    “I can’t understand what he’s saying” As if you could understand what they said in saturnz barz

    • sandra doyle says:

      Oaaalll moiiii loiiiife

    • adolf hitler says:

      idk why people like saturnz barz

    • LeagueKing says:


    • sandra doyle says:

      Vervito United it‘s called Visual Effects. You know how expensive it is to have these cartoons animated ? That‘s why the videos often focus on effects. To save cost. It‘s cheaper to have flashing images and colour changing backgrounds. And if the music sounds hypnotic to you, that‘s the idea. Music is supposed to take center stage in your attention. Not to be some noise in the background. Maybe it‘s just Music. Maybe it‘s just that boring. And isn‘t that terrifying? Maybe you really are just a normal person and there is no great masterplan you know about. Maybe you don‘t play the leading role in the movie of life. And that‘s okay. Find an outlet, it helps. Though I‘d suggest a healthier one.

    • William Moll says:

      I can understand saturnz bars its a real acent

      I seriously cant understand word this guy says

  12. sasha says:

    where do gorillaz find so many cool artists to collab with

  13. Blorp says:

    1st listen: chill but hmm idk
    17th listen: I DONT TALK TOO MUCH MAN

  14. Kim Chi says:

    With their faces appearing through the road tunnels, that gives me Tommorow Comes Today vibes

  15. Greatest Ever says:

    [Verse 1: Octavian]
    I been drinkin’ and smokin’ too much, that shit damages
    Gimme a lot, I can do it myself, I can manage it
    Two Xans, I gotta leave, and you know how it is
    You and me, we can take on the world, we can be savages

    [Pre-Chorus: Octavian]
    I call my dealer, said, “Share the white with all of us” (Light)
    I told him, “We’ve been so nice, don’t turn on us” (Don’t turn on us)
    Is it funny how the times flies by (Flies by) so fast?
    If we do all of these lines, we go up

    [Chorus: Octavian]
    (Oh) And if I look into your eyes, I can realize (Oh)
    I can realize, oh (I can realize)

    [Break: Octavian]
    Fuck, I meant to just, rap to this (Rap to this)
    (Ayy) Ayy, go hard as shit man

    [Verse 2: Octavian]
    It’s definitely goin’ down (Down)
    Find a Pagan on the strip, spin him ’round (Spin him ’round)
    Big man talkin’ shit ’til we pin him down (Pin him down)
    Big man talkin’ shit ’til we lick him down (Until I lick him down)
    Far enough, I’ma spin it ’round
    Put the big **** in your belly then spin it ’round (Spin it ’round)
    You ask Kembo if I been about
    Free him out (Free him out), I don’t need to get the pictures out

    [Pre-Chorus: Octavian]
    I call my dealer, said, “Share the white with all of us”
    I told him, “We’ve been so nice, don’t turn on us” (Don’t turn on us)
    Is it funny how the times flies by (Flies by) so fast?
    If we do all of these lines (These lines), we go up

    [Chorus: Octavian]
    (Oh) And if I look into your eyes, I can realize (Oh)

    [Bridge: Octavian]
    You know that we can be immortal, immortal
    Are you loyal? Yeah (Oh, immortal)
    I’m just prayin’ that she loyal, is she loyal? Yeah
    We coil, yeah (Is she loyal)
    I don’t talk too much, man
    Have they got mine?
    Cryin’ out finally, and a little mercy (Oh)
    I don’t talk too much, man
    Came out silent
    Came out silent
    Came out silent
    Came out silent

    [Outro: 2D & Octavian]
    Oh, it’s a beautiful day (Is she loyal?)
    Oh, it’s a beautiful day (Is she loyal? Is she loyal?)
    Oh, it’s a beautiful day (Immortal, immortal)
    (Oh, it’s a beautiful day) I don’t talk too much, man
    Have they got mine?
    Cryin’ out finally, and a little mercy
    I don’t talk too much, man
    Came out silent (Immortal

  16. Reisen 28 says:

    Para la comunidad en español, que quiere saber el mensaje al final de la cancion, dice lo siguiente:

    No se puede cambiar todo lo que se enfrenta, pero nada se puede cambiar hasta que se enfrente.

    Es seguro, en cualquier caso, que la ignorancia, aliada con el poder, es el enemigo más feroz que puede tener la justicia “.

    James Baldwin

  17. strtxhxp says:

    I can’t listen this without crying, it’s a beautiful song, and we’re so curious for the 5th song

  18. TheJujgf says:

    Love the Gorillaz fans 😂, first hour a lot of comments saying the song is “meeh”.
    A few moments later, reconsidering that even though the song is different style, is good 💚

  19. S.E.J says:

    There have been iffy features. This ain’t one of them. This dudes got a chill, nice voice and I think it fits the instrumental well. Overall really good

    • Nigel Adams says:

      He has a nice voice, but it’s difficult for me to understand. It might be a sensory thing, I’ve always had a hard time understanding what people are saying

    • S.E.J says:

      Nigel Adams
      Tbh I have a hard time understanding a lot of gorillaz lyrics. Empire Ants is my favorite song but it has words that I kinda can’t understand

  20. Gabs 96 says:

    I really dislike mumble rap and trap. I thought this whas one of the weekest gorillaz songs ive heard for a while at first…but goddamn i cant stop listening to it now. From all the mumble rap songs ive heard this is probably the best. The “share the White with all of us” is really catchy. And the lyrics are pretty good too. The beat is chill af. Still not a Fav, but is a cool Song. Nice to hear in a moody day.Congrats gorillaz, for making me listen to things i would not listen otherwise. As Always. Subverting expectations since 2000


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