Gorillaz – Hollywood (Visualiser)

Gorillaz – Hollywood (Visualiser)

Hollywood feat. Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principle is taken from the brand new album THE NOW NOW . Pre-order here: http://gorill.az/thenownow

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92 Responses

  1. DecimusYna says:

    Hello Snoop Dogg! 😀

  2. PandasInMoscow says:

    Really hoping that this is like a 20 track album bc at this rate they’re gonna release the whole album before the actual release ?

  3. Nonnez says:

    I’m loving the funk in this song!!! I can’t wait for The Now Now!!! I know for sure it’s gonna be an amazing album!!! 😀

  4. Happy Heavy says:

    I’ve spent the last 2 hours replaying this song and i have no regrets at all

  5. Zenssei says:

    Since Gorillaz grow with every album,does that mean they will still make music when they get old?

    • ZiNk! [cringe] says:

      Zenssei prob

    • birb says:

      *80 year old 2D ripping the shit out of the mic*

    • Dr Scrubbington says:

      Many older musicians in their 70s-80s are still at it so I don’t see why not
      Btw Murdoc is 52, Russel is 43, 2D is 40, and Noodle is 27 currently, and even Ace is 37 in this canon.

    • Zelda Aclone says:

      Lol I mean the characters themselves are getting up there, 2-D and Russell are in their 40s and Murdoc is 50 something, noodle is 37 or something. They’re getting up there. But ya never know how far they could go, they’re animated characters after all.

    • Spookiest Kid on the block says:

      What are you talking about? The are already old. 2D is 40, Russell is 42, murdoc is 51, and, noodle is 23. I don’t know about Ace.

  6. Adam Fairclough says:

    5.Lake Zurich.
    Take this list whatever way but TBH I love them all. The Now Now might be an amazing jam

  7. Francisco Ramos Salcido says:


    [Intro: Jamie Principle]
    Where the beautiful people at?
    I said where the beautiful people at?
    Beautiful people clap your hands
    Freaky people clap your hands
    Geeky people clap your hands
    Everybody clap your hands

    [Chorus: 2D and Jamie Principle]
    Hollywood is alright
    Hollywood is fragrant
    Jealousy is gunfire
    It makes you kill the vibe
    (She’s a wonderful thing)
    Jealousy and dark times
    Sinking on the web
    There’s more to love than that
    Jealousy is vibe down
    Jealousy is vibe down
    (Mmh, yeah)

    [Verse 1: Jamie Principle]
    I’ma go walk
    All the way to the hills
    But you never know what’s real
    So you have to be prepared
    You have to be ready
    You have to be ready
    ‘Cause she can be a bitch
    And it’s a wonderful thing
    She’s so seductive
    She’s got me looking for that dream
    I bow down
    She knows how to do it
    Exactly the way I like it

    [Chorus: 2D and Jamie Principle]
    Hollywood is alright
    Hollywood is fragrant
    Jealousy is gunfire
    It makes you kill the vibe
    (She’s a wonderful thing)
    Jealousy and dark times
    Sinking on the web
    There’s more to love than that
    Jealousy is vibe down
    Jealousy is vibe down

    [Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
    Then I came through with that big fat chain on my neck
    Little did they know, no sweat
    So I dimmed out, rimmed out and cracked the glass
    Twenty-five pounds, can you match that bag?
    Cause if you not, raise up
    I got a deal to make
    And couple of bad bitches I’ve been making a break
    Wake it and bake
    I put the cake on the plate
    Jealousy and me? Oh, we’re making the day
    Come and fight with this, Hollywood, nigga won’t survive this shit
    I do that, did that, blow your fuckin’ wig back
    Forreal-a, gorilla, who loves goin’ [?]
    They wanna eye me down, tie me down, lock me up
    But I’m a lion in the dog pound
    Now, how that sound?

    [Chorus: 2D and Jamie Principle]
    Hollywood is alright
    Hollywood’s a fragrant
    Jealousy is gunfire
    It makes you kill the vibe
    (She’s a wonderful thing)
    Jealousy and dark times
    Sinking on the web
    There’s more to love than that
    Jealousy is vibe down
    Jealousy is vibe down

    [Verse 3: Jamie Principle]
    She’s just what I need
    And it’s a wonderful thing
    In this city of dreams
    And it’s a wonderful thing
    You knows how to ride me
    (And it’s a wonderful thing)
    You knows how to excite me
    (And it’s a wonderful thing)

    [Outro: Jamie Principle]
    She’s a wonderful thing
    She’s a wonderful thing

  8. Liz Shiun says:

    2D has white eyes again…maybe he really is happy since Murdoc isn’t around

    • Daniel el amrani says:

      He ain’t happy, he is feeling glad. But it’s true seems he feels good.

    • Danterik says:

      Somebody update me with cannon
      Where is murdoc and why are 2Ds eyes white?
      I mean the whole point of everyone calling him 2D is cus of his eyes. It stand for ‘two dents’
      What happened

    • Indigo Quashie says:

      Vanquisher I don’t think he’s possessed, especially since Russell isn’t possessed anymore he just has the eyes permanently now. I think it ties to him feeling better. Leading up to plastic beach, when 2-D was trying to earn a law degree, his eyes were white. Then he was gassed and taken to Murdoc and his eyes were black again. His eyes were white all throughout humility but then Russell tripped him and ruined his fun

    • Indigo Quashie says:

      Danterik murdoc is in jail because he was framed, 2-D’s eyes are like this in the first place because murdoc hit him with his car wheel one time, then crashed a car doing 360’s, causing 2D to fly out the windshield and hit the pavement

    • Danterik says:

      Indigo Quashie know everything before the new album, been a gorillaz fan for 6 years lol just having trouble keeping up the new album and story, i can barely keep up with my own life

  9. Adenice Oliveira says:


  10. camëron says:

    am i high

  11. Jessie Renfro says:

    Did anyone notice a shadow behind 2D slowly lingering him when he was singing?

  12. MetaWulfTV says:

    I wasn’t really into the last album Damon and Jamie put out, but this new one is good.
    Every one of the songs from this album so far have been straight and fluid ear candy.


    I have enjoyed nearly every second of music I’ve heard so far from this album, it’s got such a consistent yet varied sound, and it all seems to fit together in a fashion, a seamless collection of eccentric, rich and expressive tracks. This one specifically reminds me of “O Green World”, a somewhat disturbing deep-funk track with cryptic and meaningful lyrics, told through haunting, soaring vocals. At this point I could not be more ready for this album, it just keeps getting better.

    • Ducc says:

      MATTHEW CATCHLOVE I really love sorcererz and fireflies, I feel like this album is gonna be gorillaz real comeback

    • K-leb says:

      It kinda sucks that it has less songs than the other Gorillaz albums, which have had 14-15 songs (not counting intros and interludes), because I’d like to hear more where this is coming from.


      K-leb I too was disappointed upon seeing the track-listing the lack of material was noticable. I can understand though, considering the relatively short period of time it took for this album to be made.

    • Robert Thurman says:

      I dont get the haunting part but i agree with the rest.

    • superdarkthoughts says:

      Very true

  14. Jake says:

    Damon Albarn and Snoop Dogg are just legends

  15. Alex Flores says:

    so does this mean Snoop Dogg is in the Powerpuff girls universe??

  16. Your Main Man Guzma says:

    What if Ace made these songs?

  17. BBLettuce says:

    gorillaz animation always astonishes me

  18. Ukulele says:

    A lot of people I know seem to not like 2-D ageing, with more wrinkles and such, but I feel it makes him seem more like a real person, with real imperfections- I much prefer him like this. Even though I’m far from old, him not being a perfect portrait of how people believe he ‘should’ look makes him feel so much more genuine and relatable.

  19. Pastel Peryton says:

    im crying

  20. NewVision20 says:

    Going to Hollywood next month and imma be listening to this while I walk by ?

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