Gorillaz just got a new extension to their house…

Gorillaz just got a new extension to their house…

Can you crack the code? Find Noodle’s helmet and head to the basement… Download/update the Gorillaz App now: http://gorill.az/iPhoneapp / Android: http://gorill.az/androidapp

GET ‘HUMANZ’ HERE – STANDARD – http://gorill.az/humanzSTD // DELUXE – http://gorill.az/humanzDLX

Google Play Music – http://gorill.az/gpHumanz
Spotify – http://gorill.az/sHumanz
Apple Music – http://gorill.az/amHumanz
iTunes – http://gorill.az/iHumanz
Amazon – http://gorill.az/aHumanz
Deezer – https://gorill.az/dzhumanz

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Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Mgmt

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20 Responses

  1. timmy reed says:

    Fuck me

  2. Kieran Rushton says:

    Where da notification squad at??

  3. NaBi The Rabbit says:

    I’ve never clicked so fast.

  4. KimiXv A. says:

    We need THE BATH in that App


    FINALLY FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Paige says:

    Who loves The Gorillaz…..

  7. Henry Culver says:

    did they drop new music?

  8. Sué Saori says:

    this app worked really well in my cellphone but after this update it says it doesn’t suport the app anymore ?

  9. MR KLOOTVIOOL says:

    T H E B A T H

  10. Hola123 says:

    I’ve never been so early… and i don’t know what to comment…
    T H E B A T H is still a meme?

  11. Dworn1k says:

    maybe they will get T H E J A C U Z Z I

  12. Mariano McFly says:

    Your device doesn‘t support this app.

  13. espe booii says:

    Damn, Saturnz Barz has a dank instrumental.

  14. Crystal Dash says:

    The Bath

  15. WhickinHoffin McShmuhffinWirgirs says:

    four hours ago
    21 seconds long

    Well ok then.

  16. mrsbootygirl says:

    I got it on my phone but when I opened it, it said I could support the app

  17. Brittanny says:

    nice but where’s the bathroom? I didn’t see a bath.

  18. Alackofcaring 96 says:

    that buggy will run you more than a space shuttle

  19. Dark Okami17 says:

    You guys know they’re getting a TV show right.

  20. NlDavissim says:

    Sweet digs!

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