Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)

Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)

EXPERIENCE SATURNZ BARZ (SPIRIT HOUSE) IN 360 HERE: http://gorill.az/saturnzbarzSH360
Tracks are taken from the new album Humanz, out April 28. Pre-order / stream here: http://gorill.az/humanz

Google Play Music – http://gorill.az/gpHumanz
Spotify – http://gorill.az/sHumanz
Apple Music – http://gorill.az/amHumanz
iTunes – http://gorill.az/iHumanz
Amazon – http://gorill.az/aHumanz
Deezer – https://gorill.az/dzhumanz

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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Producer: Cara Speller
Production Company: Passion Pictures Animation in collaboration with Google Spotlight Stories
Supported by YouTube

Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Mgmt

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19 Responses

  1. Bird says:


  2. Nameless Hero says:

    I always wanted to see a naked man riding a house in space as a pizza looking monster is singing a cool song.

    Thanks gorillaz!

  3. Raspberry Cai says:

    now, the very weird “press a button” noise is the exact same as one from a kid’s toy about our galaxy with little models of planets which rotate around a plastic sun.

    I remember the noise, i used to have the toy years ago. a very, very obscure reference. how exactly it was found i don’t know.

  4. Artic Creature says:

    Noodle grew… ALOT

  5. Bestest Grammers says:

    The auto tune modern “crap” are the monsters and Damon (2D) stops them with his singing

  6. Regan O'Hara says:

    someone had to draw naked murdoc riding a dollhouse

  7. Julian Martinez says:

    The way Kid Cudi been lately, I’d absolutely love to hear him collab with The Gorrilaz, tell me I’m not the only one.

  8. Jamie Longworth says:

    This is good but I don’t really like the rap, imagine how good it would be with snoop dogg or del the funky homosapian (Clint Eastwood rapper)

  9. Marshall Lee says:

    New Luigi’s Mansion looks dope as fuck…

  10. ima Pale imatator Øf ABoy in the sky says:

    i never thought a Gorillaz music vis would b #1 on trending

  11. MisterUkuboy says:

    Omg I thought Plastic Beach was the last I’d see of the Gorillaz. I’m so excited!

  12. Stale Memes says:

    Murdoc still looks like a methead,
    Russel looks amazing,
    2-D looks like the personification of a greasy uber driver,
    Noodle has an identity crisis

  13. Spideypark says:

    How do you stop listening to this song? I CAN’T STOP!

  14. Sierra Flowers says:

    I’m gonna fuck Noodles

  15. Madison Russell says:

    Love the new art style

    2D legs seemed to have grown…. why tho

  16. Hydrogen Peroxide says:


  17. ojo de la provivensia !BILL CIHPER! says:

    oooooooooo my good gorillaz

  18. TheLizzerd says:

    The more i watch this the more i like it

  19. Animelover 2018 says:

    1# on trending motha @&$*%#

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