Goro VS Machamp (Mortal Kombat VS Pokémon) | DEATH BATTLE!

Goro VS Machamp (Mortal Kombat VS Pokémon) | DEATH BATTLE!

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81 Responses

  1. The Bowz says:

    Can we just appreciate the fact that they hired someone to say “Machamp” over and over again?

  2. Monster Society says:

    “Florida Man” VS. Boomstick (DBX)

    • Random Person says:

      The entire state of Florida vs boomstick

    • Ted from Accounting says:

      Well let’s see here…
      The Florida Man is extremely proficient in weapon combat, being able to assault his girlfriend with a piece of fried chicken. He is also shown to have very impressive stealth feats, being able to break into a prison just to hang out with his friends and was able to hide from the police by staying in a swamp (Granted he had to be saved from drowning).

      Florida Man also is capable of fighting when handicapped. The Florida Man was able to stab a person despite having no arms. I think the greatest feat of the Florida man was when he saved his dog by fighting off an Alligator. The Alligator was around 8 feet and weighed around 300 pounds. Anyone else got any feats to add for Florida Man?

      Edit: Spaced the paragraphs out to make it easier to read.

    • Ian Comtois says:

      Wiz VS. Boomstick (Death Battle Grand Finale)

    • Navid Sharifipour says:


    • idkman 007 says:

      Boomstick IS florida

  3. Bowserdude says:

    inb4 the comments saying “the one with four arms wins”

  4. The Infamous Arcosian says:

    Machamp is a four armed ripped flightless bird. Now you can never unsee it.

  5. alex scarlette says:

    Gotta HAND it to goro though, but he couldn’t match up to the champ

  6. Lucifer the Lightbringer says:

    Cable: Like Booster Gold: Comment

  7. littlecutiekatyangel says:

    This battle isn’t fair, goro is a underused character, Nether Realm does care that much for him.

  8. Mega_S says:

    Some trainer is at his camp with five of his pokemon right now like “Ok, Where did Machamp go this time?”

  9. Alice the Flyeon_6 says:

    Machamp :”Machamp!” (Translation : Ora ora ora ora ora ora!!)

  10. Lamar Dunn says:

    Machamp is like I didn’t hear no bell ringing. The outcome aside everyone knew Machamp was gonna win this fight. The animation was good I liked it good job guys

    • Kristin Hayes says:

      I am not will versed in Mortal Kombat universe so I had no idea how much strength Goro would have and I kinda thought that Goro’s experience would take it. I know Machamps strength and speed of his punches from playing pokemon so I didn’t actually know who would win. Animation during this fight was outstanding and enjoyed the waych

  11. parker maisterra says:

    Ok we’ve had 2 armed people fighting, we’ve now had 4 armed people fighting, and so we need to get some six armed guys fighting.
    Asura from Asura’s Wrath vs Kali when?

  12. AnimaMandala says:

    I just realized, the “Ma” in Machamp’s name can mean “Demon” in Japanese. These two have more in common than I realized.

  13. The Lost says:

    This fight was amazing! Also let’s play a game: during the fight every time you hear mchamp you take a shot! Have fun everyone

    • Rad Bman says:

      You’re gonna send someone to the hospital if you do. XD

    • DCOTTON PLAYZ says:

      Im still not drunk. 😂

    • Mike Cruz says:

      I tried to count. May not be accurate.

      33 Machamps (+1 if you count the one long Ma——Champ)
      2 Ma
      16 Champ

      Numbers may not be right. I took a bunch of the “Cha” sounds and counted them as “Champs” then I had trouble with counting the “Machamps” during the first DBZ style quick punches. Nonetheless, this much alcohol would send you to the hospital.

    • Rad Bman says:

      @DCOTTON PLAYZ NO you mad man don’t do it! XD

    • DCOTTON PLAYZ says:

      @Mike Cruz you never said how big a shot. 😁

  14. BROgrammer plus says:

    The fight has some good animation, but is anyone gonna talk about how lonely Boomstick is…😔

  15. Razzrazz90 says:

    Goro: *minding his own damn business*

    Machamp: “Hey, I just came into your house to murder you”

    • dragonstormx says:

      Obviously he came to defeat Goro to help Earthrealm in Mortal Kombat. Outworld doesn’t play by the rules, so why should he.

    • Tiger Fire says:

      The biggest part of this being if it’s following the rules of death battle it must be a level 100 untamed Machamp, so basically it’s a wild animal breaking into his home

    • dragonstormx says:

      @Tiger Fire Wild Pokemon are still intelligent as humans, plus they can be friends with someone without them being their trainer.
      So a Pokemon can be smart enough to understand Mortal Kombat and the danger of Shao Kahn.

    • Zoider4621 Brawl Stars says:

      Yeah. but remember. goro has killed many people in his life team

    • Rosann Francis says:

      You forgot to say machamp

  16. Jasper Hope says:

    “Stop saying that!”

  17. Jair Artis says:

    Before battle: Oh Goro’s got this
    During Machamp’s rundown: “Pokédex”
    -I’d like to take back my statement

  18. Ragnarok Solstice says:

    “Pokemon is F**king wierd….” is an understatement for the whole series….

  19. KR Manlegro says:

    My guess is that this Machamp has a Former Trainer by the name of Might Guy.

  20. GenesisLmao69 says:

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Machamp: M A C H A M P

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